The Most-Read Posts on High Peaks Pure Earth in 2019

A Happy New Year to all High Peaks Pure Earth readers!
2019 was our tenth anniversary year and we’d like to thank all our readers for your constant support. 
We’re happy to see so many of you stay with us, not only here but also on our Facebook, Twitter and increasingly on our Instagram. Be sure to follow us!
Here is our annual round-up of our posts that were popular over 2019:

Prof Thubten Phuntsok

1. As both of his articles were widely read, we are giving the top spot to Professor Thubten Phuntsok! In January 2019 we published his talk “Reconsidering the Classification of Tibetan Dialects” and in September 2019 we published “Superstition Is The Cause Of Environmental Destruction”. We must thank the translators Palden Gyal and Bhuchung D. Sonam respectively.
2. A frequent contributor to this site, Lowell Cook’s guest post published in February 2019 focused on the Tibetan area of Chengdu called Wuhouci. We were given a wonderful introduction to the Tibetan community in Chengdu followed by a translation of the witty satirical poem “Wuhouci, Chengdu” by Kalsang Namdren. Thank you Lowell Cook!
3. Popular translations on High Peaks Pure Earth in 2019 continued to be of Woeser’s blog. As regular readers know, Woeser is one of the most prolific Tibetans online and this general link to her articles is one of the most-clicked links on the site:
Woeser’s most read post was February’s “Photos Preserving the Memory of the Cultural Revolution in Tibet” reflecting on her father’s photos. Published in January, the second most read post by Woeser was “I Really Don’t Want You To Be In the PLA”: An Interview That Made Me Continue to Think About the Cultural Revolution in Tibet, the eighth part in a long series on the Cultural Revolution.
4. Interviews with cultural figures are popular reads on High Peaks Pure Earth and in 2019, this interview with the late writer Yangdon published in March was the most read. Worthy of a mention, in May we also published a profile of Lhasa-based Tibetan artist couple Langdun Dedron and Tsering Namgyal.
5. Finally, the Summer Reading List proved popular as ever and please note that we’ve just published the Winter Reading List!
Those were the highlights of 2019, do stay with us in 2020! Happy New Year!

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