Submission Guidelines

Last updated April 2022

We welcome submissions to High Peaks Pure Earth for translations, guest posts, book and film reviews. If you are considering submitting to the website, please be sure to read the following guidelines first:

  1. The submission has to be either an English translation of a piece from Tibetan cyberspace/social media or an English language commentary piece on the same
  2. The author of the original piece must be of Tibetan heritage and currently reside in Tibet or PRC
  3. Please always include a link to the original piece. If the original piece has been removed/censored, please send in a screenshot if possible
  4. We have no requirement on length
  5. We respect those who wish to write/translate anonymously
  6. The submission should be accessible for a general readership
  7. We prefer receiving submissions as a shared Google Doc (not as attachments)

Please note we do not accept submissions of original pieces unless they originate from Tibetans inside Tibet or PRC. Please also note that we may not always publish your submission, thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions about your submission, please contact the editor on  hp****@hi****************.com.