Welcome to the New Look High Peaks Pure Earth!

Welcome to our new site! It’s been a while in the making but we’re proud to finally unveil the new look High Peaks Pure Earth. In addition to being clearer and easier to navigate, the new site is trilingual with all posts available in the English translation and also the original language of the post. Eventually we hope to present all existing and future content in English, Tibetan and Chinese.
The new site was created using WordPress and we have migrated all our posts that we have amassed since we started High Peaks Pure Earth in 2008 over from the old Blogger site. We have also added some posts in their original Chinese or Tibetan – in total we have 424 blogposts here already!
The Tibetan calligraphy that you see on our new banner was specially commissioned for the new site and says “High Peaks Pure Earth” in Tibetan script. The calligrapher is Phuntsok Tsering, a Tibetan artist based in Germany.
We are looking forward to seeing you here often, you can also follow us on the social networking sites listed on the right!


  1. Congratulations High Peaks Pure Earth. The site looks great

  2. The Site Looks Wonderful ~ The Name “High Peaks Pure Earth” Quite Lovely. Tried to Connect via Twitter but, I see you’ve been quite Busy! Congratulatiions On Your New Home!

  3. Heartiest Congratulations! and many thanks.

  4. This looks so beautiflu especially the Tibetanscript.It seems easy to get around too.

  5. Congratulations, a beautiful site you have made. Quite an accomplishment to make it multilingual!

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