The Most-Read Postings on High Peaks Pure Earth in 2009

A Happy New Year to all our readers from High Peaks Pure Earth!
This has been the first full year of translations and blog postings on High Peaks Pure Earth, thank you all for reading, commenting and getting in touch.
Expect to see not only more blog translations, commentary and original writings but also changes and improvements to the site on High Peaks Pure Earth in 2010.
For now though, here is a quick round-up of postings that were popular in 2009.
Top 5:

  1. 2009’s most popular post on High Peaks Pure Earth was a summary of Tibetan and Chinese blogger reaction to the film “2012”:
  2. Translations of Tibetan blogposts about not celebrating Losar (Tibetan New Year) this year were also highly read on High Peaks Pure Earth, see these two posts: and
  3. The most translated and most read Tibetan blogger on High Peaks Pure Earth is Woeser, the general link to her articles is one of the most-clicked links on the site. Woeser’s articles about not celebrating Losar and instead commemorating 2008 were her most-read articles this year. See: and
  4. Translations of blog postings by Jamyang Kyi have been widely read on High Peaks Pure Earth. This year, Jamyang Kyi’s third letter to her imprisoned friend Norzin Wangmo touched many readers and became one of the most-read posts of the year:
  5. Finally, Tibetan bloggers were often the first (and at times, only) sources of information about political detentions, imprisonments or activism inside Tibet. These kinds of translations by High Peaks Pure Earth have caught the attention of readers, see these postings on the Amdo singer Tenzin,  Tashi Dhondup, Kunga Tsayang and Tenzin Delek Rinpoche.

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