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At the end of February, High Peaks Pure Earth blogged about the Chinese IM service QQ and how it suddenly wasn’t allowing users to type in Tibetan. It now looks as though Tibetan users typing in Chinese also face strict restrictions, according to this short blogpost from April 24, 2009, view the original written in Chinese here. QQ is owned by the company Tencent.

How can set even the term “lama” as a sensitive phrase?

Recently, I’ve realised that when posting on QQ Space, the word “lama” cannot be displayed, why is this? Tibetan people cannot be separated from Buddhism, Buddhism cannot be separated from monasteries, monasteries cannot be separated from monks.

What is incorrect about the word “lama”! Why is not allowing this phrase to be displayed? As members of the Tibetan nationality, we must strongly oppose this!

You know the reason why? Because we are backwards!

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