"Lama Jigme Has Returned Home!!!" by Woeser

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated a blogpost by Woeser that was posted on her blog a little earlier today, readers are encouraged to follow that link to see many photos of Lama Jigme that Woeser has posted.

High Peaks Pure Earth previously reported Lama Jigme’s detention and is happy to learn of his release.

“Lama Jigme Has Returned Home!!!” by Woeser

Extremely unexpectedly, fortunately, joyfully, I have learned —

Labrang Monastery’s Lama Jigme, having spent an entire half year in detention, was released on May 3 and has returned home!!!

Last year on September 3, Lama Jigme was featured on a video that was made public. Alone and facing the camera he spoke for approximately twenty minutes showing his face, using his real voice and his real name, on events that had occurred in Tibet since March 2008 and gave a full testimony, expressing his hopes as an ordinary Tibetan monk. (see http://www.highpeakspureearth.com/2008/09/voa-video-testimony-of-labrang-monk.html )

Following Voice of America Tibetan Service’s broadcast of this video testimony, Lama Jigme went into hiding for almost two whole months. Finally, not long after returning to his monastery, on November 4, over 70 police suddenly surrounded his living quarters, took him from his quarters and detained him until May 3 without any explanation and his whereabouts were unknown.

At present, more details are not known.

In short, offer prayers for Lama Jigme, he has finally returned home and is near his close relatives, back to his monastery days, wish him a good rest and a speedy return to health!

Offer prayers to all Tibetans who are enduring suffering!


  1. This is wonderful news. Prayers for Lama Jigme and all Tibetan and Chinese suffering under China’s brutal rule.

  2. Anonymous

    108xlama jigme + 108xwoeser = free tibet. I think it should be possible

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