Tibetan Resettlement Stories: Voices of Boston

Order the book here: https://www.tibetanresettlementstories.org/products/

Recently reviewed here on High Peaks Pure Earth, “Tibetan Resettlement Stories: Voices of Boston” portrays the lives and images of forty first-generation Tibetans who settled in Boston. 
Their oral histories are filled with tales of dangerous escapes into political exile, newly found proximity to the Dalai Lama, family dispersion and reunion, and pioneering immigration to the United States. Over time, they formed a vibrant community that both upholds traditional Tibetan culture and adapts remarkably well to life in the U.S. Narrators of these compelling stories include former nomads, nuns and monks, weavers, scholars, resistance fighters, filmmakers, and more. Their voices, and the accompanying photographs, bring to life the struggles and resilience of immigrants and refugees everywhere. In the face of violence and displacement, they remain committed to rebuilding strong families and cultures.
According to the review by Tenzin Yewong Dongchung:

Filled with poignant and humorous anecdotes, Tibetan Resettlement Stories: Voices of Boston (Tib: བོད་མི་གཞིས་སྤོས་ཀྱི་ལོ་རྒྱུས།) (260 pages of text and 40 colored pages of photographs) chronicles the growth of the Boston Tibetan community through the oral histories of forty Tibetan immigrants.
Starting in 2014, this book is a culmination of a five-year collaborative project from a team of seventeen individuals. While many oral history projects offer illuminating first-person accounts, the more difficult task in a book such as this lies in weaving the individual stories together to form a coherent, overarching narrative. It is to their careful planning and thoughtfulness that Tibetan Resettlement Stories succeeds in highlighting the unique experiences that makes each of these stories highly memorable while also narrating a layered political and cultural history of Tibetan immigration to Boston.

Order the book here: https://www.tibetanresettlementstories.org/products/
For more information, please visit: www.tibetanresettlementstories.org or contact the team at bostontrs[@]gmail.com


  1. Susan Gleason

    My name is Susan Gleason was involved in tge Seattle Wa Tibetan Reaettkenent project. I am originally from the Cambrudge na area and spent time working with Tibetan associations while living back east. I am happy to hear all
    Is going well for Tibetans who settled in Boston area. I was honored to have participated in tge Seattle abd Boston resettlement project. A wonderful opportunity fir Tibetans abd a special place in my heart For Tibetians

  2. Susan Gleason

    To all I was involved with the Tibetans in Medford about with the TibetN young women and young women who were making and writing etc Voicss of Tibet while I was in Cambridge area for awhile I was very honored to help with this project meet and see the Wonderfull work and dedication they put in this project thank you for welcoming me and your kindness. Susan Gleason Su**************@ya***.com

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