"In the Service of the 13th and 14th Dalai Lamas – Choegyal Nyima Lhundrup Kashopa" By Jamyang Choegyal Kasho

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Published in 2015 by Tibethaus in Germany, “In the Service of the 13th and 14th Dalai Lamas – Choegyal Nyima Lhundrup Kashopa” is a biography of prominent political figure Kashopa Choegyal Nyima written by his son Jamyang Choegyal Kasho. The book features a foreword by Tsering Shakya and an historical note by Robert Barnett.
From the Tibethaus website:

There is probably no personality in modern (pre -1959) Tibetan politics more colourful or controversial than Kashopa Choegyal Nyima. Most major histories of modern Tibet mention him, some like Shakabpa favourably, others like Goldstein in less flattering terms.

In spite of his lengthy and contentious political career Kashopa has, unfortunately, not received more in-depth attention from historians and scholars, which is a pity as he was quite deeply involved in some of the most consequential events of modern Tibetan history: the Lungshar conspiracy, the imprisonment of Gedun Choephel, the Sera War and more. One scholar has gone so far as to note that “Kashopa’s presence is felt in every aspect of Tibet’s recent history”.

Kashopa’s son, Jamyang Choegyal, has now come out with a very personal and engaging biography of his famous father, which will definitely contribute to our understanding of that fascinating period in Tibetan history. For the general reader there is much to enjoy in this absorbing story of a politician’s life in old Lhasa, with all its rewards and pitfalls.

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  1. Dr Joachim G. Karsten

    The book on Kabshoeba is one of the most important books on Tibetan history of the last century. A must read for every serious Tibetologist.

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