Two More Poems Titled "Life Experience"

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated two more poems titled “Life Experience” that were posted on TibetCul along with the poem of the same title by Gade Tsering that we translated at the end of last month.
As introduced on the blogpost, the 73rd event of the Three Provinces of Tibet poetry group took place on March 22, 2012. The title “Life Experience” was given to the poets and they started to write at 22:30, finishing in one hour at 23:30.

“Life Experience”
By Lhamo Tashi

In the turmoil and chaos of war
My hero was buried in his homeland
According to legend, his horse traversed the grassland
In the first rays of sunshine in the early morning
He wore a suit of armour, with a broad sword
Rushed forward to the enemy
Tears of his lover, cry of his brothers
A cup of fine wine was poured to the sky
From then on, what we have walked past became history

March 22, 2012 in Machu

“Life Experience”
By Logya Pema

The warmer wind opens the teeth of young animals
Snapping, the residual body of winter
Sunshine will grow out of the scarred and the battered
So will the fern, the thorn
And the concealed dark blood that has been hidden for a season
Sunshine will also grow out of the mountain streams, and the bird’s whistling
Time bores through life, I’m yearning in the seasons
There was a madman with red hair
Who cut off his own ear, to dedicate to
The sunflowers and iris that blossomed in the eye of insects

March 22, 2012 in Kardze

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