"Tibetan Subjectivities on the Global Stage: Negotiating Dispossession" Edited by Shelly Bhoil and Enrique Galvan-Alvarez

Available on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2KryB8u

Published in November 2018 by Lexington Books, “Tibetan Subjectivities on the Global Stage: Negotiating Dispossession”, edited by Shelly Bhoil and Enrique Galvan-Alvarez, is a collection of essays exploring the many ways Tibetans are reimagining their cultural identity since the communist takeover of Tibet in the 1950s. 
From the Lexington Books website:
Focusing on developments taking place in Tibet and the diaspora, this collection of essays addresses a wide range of issues at the heart of Tibetan modernity. From the political dynamics of the exiled community in India to the production of contemporary Tibetan literature in the PRC, the collection delves into various aspects of current significance for the Tibetan community worldwide such as the construction of Bon identity in exile, the strategic use of the discourse of development or the issue of cultural and linguistic purity in an increasingly hybrid and globalized world. Moving away from the preservationist paradigm that regards Tibetan culture as an endangered and precious object, the essays in this book portray Tibetan identities in motion, as lived subjectivities that travel, change and creatively reimagine themselves on various global stages. Even if recent Tibetan history is marked by imposed transitions and a sense of dispossession, this collection highlights the ways Tibetans have not only managed traumatic historical events but also become agents of change and reinventors of their own traditions.
The collection features contributions by Franz Xaver Erhard; Julia Meredith Hess; Kamila Hladíková; Lama Jabb; Frank J. Korom; Per Kvaerne; Thomas Kauffmann; Jigme Yeshe Lama; Yu-Shan Liu; Dawa T. Lokyitsang and Martin A. Mills.
Available on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2KryB8u

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