Tibetan Singer Tashi Dhondup Released From Prison

High Peaks Pure Earth is pleased to read the news reported by Radio Free Asia on February 8, 2011, that Tibetan singer Tashi Dhondup has been released from prison. Readers may remember the videos we posted last year from his album “Torture Without Trace”.

On February 7, 2011, a friend of Tashi Dhondup’s living abroad posted information on the Tibetan language website Khabdha on the release of Tashi Dhondup. The title of their post is “Good News” and they write they learned of the news via a phone call. Radio Free Asia’s report quotes a relative of Tashi Dhondup’s living in Tibet as saying:

He arrived safely at his hometown in Yulgan [in Chinese, Henan] county on the same day at around 7:00 p.m., the relative said.  On the way, he passed through Tsekhog [in Chinese, Zeku] county, where he was well received by the locals with scarves and greetings. […] His family, fans, and friends gave him a warm welcome on his arrival at his home county in Malho prefecture.

To celebrate, High Peaks Pure Earth is posting another video from “Torture Without Trace”, this song is the first track from the CD and is called “Waiting With Hope”. In this song, Tashi Dhondup directly references Yeshe Norbu (The Dalai Lama), the Panchen Lama recognised by the Dalai Lama and Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok, the much-revered abbot of the Serthar Institute in Eastern Tibet who passed away in 2004. The melody of the song is very similar to another song on the album, “Unable to Meet”.

Our thanks go to TibetWrites once again for the English translation of the lyrics. 



Waiting with Hope
Yeshe Norbu, the wish-fulfilling gem
Don’t live in exile, please come home
The faithful people of the Land of Snows
Are waiting near your golden throne
Panchen Lama, the limitless and illuminated one
Don’t be in the prison, please come out
The faithful people of the Land of Snows
Are waiting for you with folded hands
Jigme Phuntsok, the great learned one
Like a bright star, please rise again
The faithful people of the Land of Snows
Are waiting for you with khatas in their hands



  1. Nyima Tsering

    As a Tibetan living in london..i also want to come back to Tibet. I REALLY DO. but the bitter truth is that ''Chinese will not let us return to our OWN mother land''.

    i truly hope that Gyal wa Yeshi Norbu
    can return to Tibet safely and happily.
    Om mani pedme hung

  2. That's great news about Tashi Dhondup's release! Thank you so much for putting his music in your blog, it's really great!


  3. Why do I love Tibet so? 3 days white Tara drubchen…. at garchen maybe. Oh if any people should be free… long live the lamas….
    Seth in ny

  4. High peaks pure earth. Thank you very much for making whole world know about all these things from our brothers and sisters in tibet. We all wouldn't know these without your help. You are doing more than your share as a tibetan.I thank you for that. And mag bless our beloved brothers and sisters in tibet.I am from west tibet but I love Amdowas more than any other for what they are doingnad and the other two cholkas too. Karma

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