"Tibetan Environmentalists in China: The King of Dzi" By Liu Jianqiang, Translated by Ian Rowen; Cyrus K. and Emily T. Yeh

Tibetan Environmentalists in China
Buy the book on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/22UfR3s

Published in December 2010 by Lexington Books, “Tibetan Environmentalists in China: The King of Dzi” by Liu Jianqiang and translated by Ian Rowen; Cyrus K. and Emily T. Yeh weaves together the life stories of five extraordinary contemporary Tibetans involved in environmental protection.
From the Lexington Books website:
In the politically fraught and ever-worsening situation for Tibetans within China today, it is often said that the only possible path for a better solution will be through a change in the way that the majority Chinese society thinks about and understands Tibetans, their aspirations, histories, and desires. This book provides the first such account by drawing readers in with beautiful narrative prose and fascinating stories, and then using their attention to demystify Tibetans, cultivating in the reader a sense of empathy as well as facts upon which to rebuild an intercultural understanding. It is the first work that seriously aims to let the Chinese public understand Tibetans as both products of an admirable culture and as complex individuals negotiating religious ideals, economic change, and sociopolitical constraints.
Buy the book on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/22UfR3s

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