Poetry Series: “Straying Far from Myself” Part 6

A Losar Graphic Taken From Sina Weibo

Here at High Peaks Pure Earth we extend our best wishes for Losar, the year of the water dragon, to all our readers. In the words of a Tibetan blogger from last year: “Good Losar, Happy Losar, Hope After Losar There Will Be A Change”.
Today we bring you the final poems from the series of poems titled “Straying Far From Myself”. Here are the links to the previous posts:
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The poems were posted on a TibetCul poetry blog on November 19, 2011. However, the TibetCul website has been inaccessible for the past few days. Although Tibetan language blogsites have been inaccessible for a while now, it hadn’t looked like Chinese language sites were curbed. This is the first time that TibetCul has been inaccessible since it was mysteriously offline last year, also around this time.

“Straying Far From Myself”
By Xibu Feiyang * 


In September, I harvest the promise on the tip of the barley ear
Reaping hook, horses, stone stick, and grinder
The earth is devastated, getting through the thunderstormy night
Handing over the family property at the year’s end


In the remote night sky
Even the barley seeds can become emaciated and haggard
The torrential memory is relapsing
Grinding the back of the figure that always looks towards the direction of one’s hometown
All the suffering, just to pay for the piety and faith of coming home


Dongqian lake, the last stretch before dawn
Awakened from the insomnia
Before the last glance on the return journey
Tossing and turning, hastily
Pull and beat the chest filled with nostalgia, day and night


In the entrance of the Southern Mountain, the last sketch before memory blurs
Tinted the bucolic hillside with the sound of chanting
Melodious singing, young boys running around the mountain
Happiness lies on the rim of the wine glass
The winter gets drunk, as well as time

November 17, 2011 in Ningbo

 *This pen-name literally means “Flying West”

“Straying Far From Myself”
By Lobgyal Pema

People throw their shadows on the ground
Let life override them
Then at night they pick them up again
Put the shadows into themselves, as well as sadness

November 17, 2011 in Kardze


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