Poetry Series: “Straying Far from Myself” Part 3

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated new poetry that was posted online on a TibetCul blog on November 19, 2011. The poems were submitted by members of a poetry group who all wrote using the same title, “Straying Far From Myself”.
We started this series two weeks ago and last Wednesday we posted two more poems. Two more poems will be posted next Wednesday so be sure to check back!

“Straying Far From Myself”
By Nyima Tsering

I stood alone that day
In Kekexili
In silence
Observing the migration of chirus

All signs indicate that
Blue snow
Can only wake up the enthusiasm of Lhasa girls
But it cannot take away the helplessness after 2011

I sneak in the dark night
Unable to know how far I have strayed from myself
All is for yearning
Or just for a transient cover-up

November 17, 2011 in Foshan

“Straying Far From Myself”
By Tsering Bhum

Every breath
Is draining on the way to heaven
Inhaling the aura between heaven and earth
Embracing the earth
Making a sweet dream

The soul is precipitating in life
In the tenuous destiny
Seems to see the limits of life
Sometimes far away, sometimes close

All that is familiar
When totally familiar
I am no longer myself
I am just a substitute of my last life
Or a wanderer of this life

Hidden in the dark
Want to take off in the night
But wind has hurt my wings
And told me
I am unable to fly anymore

November 17, 2011 in Rebgong

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