Poetry Series: "Straying Far from Myself" Part 1

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated new poetry that was posted online on a TibetCul blog on November 19, 2011. As explained below, these poems were submitted by members of a poetry group who all wrote using the same title:


The theme of the poem in the 66th event of the Three Provinces of Tibet poetry group is “Straying Far From Myself”. According to the custom, at first everyone discusses a theme for the poem, for example, “Flying Knife, Flying Knife”, “Straying Far From Myself”, “Winter”, “Poetry with the Smell of Blood”, “Mother, I…”. In the end, after a democratic vote, the final theme was decided as “Straying Far From Myself”.

The order of participants submitting their poetry is: Ami Lhago, Dorjee Choedpa, Pema Choezin, Tashi Dhondup, Nyima Tsering, Tsering Bhum, Adong Paldothar, Dechen Hengmei, Xibu Feiyang and Lobgya Pema.

Over the next weeks, High Peaks Pure Earth will post two translations of this series every Wednesday.


“Straying Far From Myself”
By Ami Lhago (Female)

If you look back
Maybe you would see
If you face up, gaze far into distance
Maybe you would see
Perhaps these are not necessary
You might always be there, like those Russian dolls
Trapped yourself deep down layer by layer
The lotus-like you
Is living in the centre

“How far have I strayed from myself”

You peel off, layer by layer, towards your heart
Search. Accidentally deviate from the direction
Trap your feet in the mud
In the phantom of the urban forest

November 11, 2011, in Ngaba

“Straying Far From Myself”
By Dorjee Choedpa

If our hearts are fickle
Where is the truth that existed before
Observe earthlings from a veil
Or look at yourself in a mirror
What kind of you can you see
Chanting and praying to Buddha
With an evil intention
What kind of distance in the end
Could be worth measuring your crawl

Maybe waffling around
Maybe going directly to the heart
What kind of mentality
Allows you to experience a poetic life

In the face of suffering and happiness,
Maybe turn a blind eye
Or maybe be empathetic
Then what kind of summon
Allows you to attain sudden enlightenment
How far has one strayed from oneself

November 12, 2011, in Kanlho

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  1. མི་ལུས་ཀྱི་སྲེག་དྲི་ཞིག་ཁྱབ་བཞིན་གདའ།

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