Poem: "The Fragrant Flower of Freedom"

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated a poem titled “The Fragrant Flower of Freedom”, posted on a TibetCul blog on February 5, 2012.

“The Fragrant Flower of Freedom”
by Reba Gerong Tsering


Life in the Celestial Empire
In the clamour and whitewash
Is as always, peaceful and prosperous
Celebrated by singing and dancing

From plateau to plain
From prairie to frontier
The money and sticks of the Empire
Are like the dangerous honey on the blade
Confusing every hunger and desirous mouth
People are like a herd, fed by the autocratic farmers
They are only allowed to work but not to speak
Only obey but not to think

This is a corner without sunshine
This is a land steeped in blood
This is the twenty-first century today
This is a brutal slave society

Do not say plateau or plain
Do not say Tibetan, Han, Uyghur, or Mongol
Do not talk about different religions
In fact you and I are as close as brothers
In fact both you and I need freedom

Who burnt themselves in the desperate darkness
Who raised the unyielding heads under the Iron Curtain
Who cares for the cry of the weak in this era?
What is conscience?
What is morality?

Freedom is not sent from heaven
Marauding wolves do not listen to the Buddha
All depends on ourselves

However we do not have enemies
The so-called enemies are ourselves
Melt the cold heart with compassion
Cure the ignorant and paranoid wound with love
In the tree of freedom
The fragrant flowers are touching
Under the tree of freedom
All living creatures are accomplishing their deeds


  1. Superbly written, I like your poem.

  2. I really like it.
    Leaving behind pain of the suffering.
    Proud announcement of accomplished accomplishment.
    But the question still arises who is the author of the mistake …

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