Poem: "Square"

High Peaks Pure Earth presents the English translation of a Tibetan blogger’s haunting poem titled “Square”. The poem was written on September 27, 2011 and posted online on his blog on the same day.
This translation was submitted to High Peaks Pure Earth by a reader, we very much appreciate your help and support!



I stand in the city’s Central Square
Looking at the stars, as if seeing from the bottom of a well
Steel and cement erase my childhood memory
I cannot face my heart
Hungry bodies, like an open desert
Lost in infinite space and time
Central Square… I see the unified expression of the crowd’s face
My heart full of fear
Here… in the square…
No words exist to express my loneliness
I suddenly hear ideals, at death’s edge
Calling my name
I want to die
I want, in broad daylight
To hang myself in a tree of poetry
As a sacrifice to ideals

September 27, 2011

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