Poem: "Closer To The World" By Due Gyal

High Peaks Pure Earth presents a translation of a Tibetan poem written in two parts titled “Closer to the World” by writer and poet Due Gyal. Part one was posted on his blog on June 6, 2012 and part two on June 10, 2012.
Our thanks go to Karma Tenzin Khangsar for submitting these translations.

“Closer To The World”
Part One

The light is fading day by day

The darkness is appearing day by day

The truth is fading day by day

Falsehood is increasing day by day

Life is becoming murkier day by day

Day by day, the future is becoming uncertain

The people are decreasing day by day

The nation is fighting day by day

The economy is developing day by day

Science is progressing day by day

Religion is declining day by day

The world is degenerating day by day

December 20, 2011 from Nangchen

“Closer To The World”
Part Two

The temperature is rising day by day

The wind is abating day by day

The snow is diminishing day by day

The rain is swelling day by day

The grassland is more resplendent day by day

The earth is improving day by day

The flowers are more radiant day by day

The pastures are more magnificent day by day

The mind is more joyous day by day

Laughter increases day by day

Poetry is flourishing day by day

The arts are enriching day by day

May 29, 2012 from Zurmang

Translations by Karma Tenzin Khangsar

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