"Losar, Losar!" and "Spring": Poetry by Yungdrung Gyurme

A Losar graphic by the Tibetan website Tsanpo, posted to their Weibo account

High Peaks Pure Earth presents two poems by Tibetan student Yungdrung Gyurme. Today, February 27, 2017, marks the first day of Losar (Tibetan New Year), Female Fire Bird Year 2144. On this occasion we wish all readers Losar Tashi Delek!
Both poems “Losar, Losar!” and “Spring” were written in 2014 in Tibetan and published on Yungdrung Gyurme’s WeChat account. Last year we published a WeChat essay by Yungdrung Gyurme titled “Longing for the Disappearing Tibetan Courtyard Life”.

“Losar, Losar!”
By Yungdrung Gyurme


On the first day of Losar,
I lay out offerings of hopes and aspirations.

But I will not sing songs or dance dances.

From the centre of Lhasa’s mandala,
I burn incense of faith and prayer.

But I will not put on a show of obeisance.

Meditating in body, speech and mind.
I pitch a tent made of money.
I build a house of rainbows.

I invite high officials and highway bandits.
Make a butter flour offering! Have a pastry!
In auspices of deep friendship, we begin to plot.

Lhasa, New Year.

By Yungdrung Gyurme


Beneath an April peach blossom,
Leaves have fallen early,
Resting like buried lovers.

A spring chill,
Light snow moistens the roads,
An earthy smell pervades.

In the depths of a southern ocean,
A plane is unable to land.
A heavenly host carries it away.

This is a forsaken spring.
Grievous news is spread hurriedly,
Yet the peach blossom has bloomed beautifully.

This forsaken time will pass,
Everyday lives will continue.
We are powerless to resist fate.

Lhasa, March 26, 2014


  1. Is there a Tibetan version of the poem spring?

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