"Ballad of the Himalayas: Stories of Tibet" By Ma Yuan

Ballad of Himalayas
Recommended via email by a High Peaks Pure Earth reader, “Ballad of the Himalayas: Stories of Tibet” by Ma Yuan, translated by Herbert J. Batt, was published by Merwin Asia in July 2011.
Our reader writes, “It’s a collection of short stories by a Chinese writer who spent many years in Tibet. The stories are extremely well crafted and offer an interesting, darkly humorous, and challenging outsider’s look at Tibet in the 1980s.” A full review can be found on their website: http://aprofessorintheory.com/review-of-ma-yuans-tibetan-stories/
Order the book from Amazon here: http://amzn.to/13muJLt

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  1. Hi,
    Merwin Asia has a new book: Irina’s Hat….In it is the story “Amerika” by Tibetan author: Tsering Norbu
    Also got Alai’s “Tibetan Soul” in English. Have you any comments about Alai’s writing?
    Hope they will offer more Tibetan authors!

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