A Tibetan Blogger Accuses Qinghai Tibetan Language TV of Broadcasting "Lies"

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated a blogpost written by a Tibetan blogger and posted on their blog on April 5, 2012. The blogger is writing about Qinghai Tibetan Language Broadcasting (TV) in Tso Ngon, a major region of Amdo.
This blogger brings up two main issues in this post. Firstly, health and safety issues in hospitals are clearly of major concern and secondly, in their view, Qinghai Tibetan Language Broadcasting is broadcasting only good news and not reporting malpractices taking place at one local hospital in particular, Tangtrin (khrang khrin) Hospital. Local people are therefore not aware of the huge damage the hospital has done to public safety.

“Lies Broadcast By Qinghai Tibetan Language TV”

The broadcasting centre of Tso Ngon (Qinghai Tibetan Language TV) is considered to be one of the best broadcasting centres in the Tibetan region and it is the biggest broadcasting centre of Amdo at large. Many Amdo people get their news updates and information through this broadcasting centre of Tso Ngon and according to them this is only the means they can rely on. Most of them have strong faith in the work of this broadcasting centre and because of that it becomes their responsibility to think about this.
In recent years, there has been much discussion amongst the public on the internet and in magazines regarding Tso Ngon Broadcasting. For example, the public learned of “Chinli butter”, “Huchue Chingkheb” drink, flame and needle resistant trousers and also learned of “Qinghai Tunghua Hospital” and “Tangtrin Hospital” from broadcasts on Qinghai TV. Since the public have trusted these broadcasts for many years, they have unquestioningly purchased these things. In the end, these caused many health and safety problems.
Today, I don’t wish to discuss each of these cases. I will discuss the most important case of  Tangtrin Hospital in Xining.  If you listen to the announcements from Qinghai Broadcasting, all patients arriving at the hospital are not only cured but the hospital is able to cure patients who can’t be treated in other hospitals.  If this is true, how come the public are not satisfied?
Therefore, patients who had faith in Tso Ngon broadcasting centre, mainly those patients with incurable diseases  ran to this Tangtrin Hospital and soon there were innumerable patients. Those patients who came there with full faith and hope left with great disappointment. All of them didn’t recover and patients were detected with other sorts of infections which they didn’t have before and because of which many have lost their lives. All people were fully aware of this situation. Many people living in Tso Ngon have gone through this hard situation but there was not even a single response from Tso Ngon broadcast centre regarding this poor situation and they kept it completely out of the public.
Due to the increasing number of such situations, this brought some kind of dilemma amongst the people such as “Tso Ngon broadcasting centre also deceives us”. With this we could say that even though we know that our people have changed their views about Tso Ngon broadcasting centre but we could also see that they were rejecting Tso Ngon broadcasting centre with a strong feeling of regret as they had so much faith in them their entire life.
But this time the image of Tso Ngon broadcasting centre must not be protected. More important than this is to take responsibility regarding the protection of those hundred thousands of people, therefore it was proclaimed that from now onward not to believe in Tso Ngon broadcast centre. Not to believe in it and it is one of your rights. Especially, please don’t visit Tso Ngon Tangtrin Hospital. This hospital will not help you recover but will harm you instead by bringing lots of dangerous infections caused by their usage of different medicines and injections. Since we all cherish our lives, we shouldn’t believe in any hospitals and things on advertisements.
This is about the lives of all human beings in general. Concerning the responsibility of any government regarding the safety of peoples’ well-being, they should investigate the Tso Ngon broadcasting centre and the announcements they made. The government is similar to the Tso Ngon broadcasting centre that has lost their position amongst the people. Therefore, I advise you not to entrust any hope in others.
In a free and democratic country, the first priority is public health and safety. For an individual, there is nothing more important than one’s life. A person who has lost the safeguarding of his health and safety, he has no other freedom. Qinghai Tangtrin Hospital has caused much harm to the Tibetan people’s lives, all the cases have to be investigated.  The government that does not conduct investigations on the health safety of the people has discarded all responsibility for the people.
Since TV, newspapers, announcements, books and so forth are representatives of the people, these serve and support the surveillance and difficulties of the people and these are the identification of their existence. But according to the dictatorial government, these means are the representatives of the government and not of the people. Therefore the responsibility of this Tso Ngon broadcasting centre is to raise their voice against the dictatorial government and to support the difficulties faced by the people, its’ importance also lies on it. If they cannot serve so, it is terrifying that they put forward fake announcements and play with people’s faith.

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