"Why Was Ngapo Jigme, Director of Radio Free Asia's Tibetan Service, Suddenly Dismissed?" By Woeser

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated a blogpost written by Woeser on November 8, 2012 from her home in Lhasa and posted on her blog on November 9, 2012.
The recent sudden dismissal of the head of the Tibetan service of Washington D.C based Radio Free Asia (RFA) is the topic of Woeser’s blogpost. Despite this dramatic event taking place, Tibetan media has been silent on it so far. As Woeser mentions, she has been a regular contributor to Radio Free Asia, both to the Tibetan service and the Mandarin service for several years now. 
Below Woeser’s post is a translation of a short biography of Ngapo Jigme as published on the Chinese pages of Wikipedia. Finally, for an article by Woeser on the death of Ngapo Ngawang Jigme, Ngapo Jigme’s father (Ngapo is the family name), see this link: http://highpeakspureearth.com/2010/ngapo-ngawang-jigme-the-death-of-an-historical-figure-by-woeser/

Mr. Ngapo Jigme at the Tibetan Service of Radio Free Asia

“Why Was Ngapo Jigme, Director of Radio Free Asia’s
Tibetan Service, Suddenly Dismissed?”
By Woeser

I was deeply taken by surprise and was shocked to learn that Mr. Ngapo Jigme, the director of Radio Free Asia’s Tibetan service was suddenly dismissed on November 1. As far as I know, Tibetan intellectuals, media professionals, Chinese intellectuals studying the Tibet issue and international Tibet Studies experts, who live abroad, have all expressed that they did not understand what happened and were very surprised.
In 1985 Mr. Ngapo Jigme left Tibet, and worked for His Holiness Dalai Lama and the International Campaign for Tibet. He also studied at the Department of Government and Foreign Affairs at University of Virginia. He is well versed in all three languages of Tibetan, Chinese and English, and he possesses the outstanding spirit of an independent intellectual. Since 1996 when the U.S. Congress approved to establish the Tibetan service of Radio Free Asia, he had become absolutely the right person for the job and shouldered the important task as the founder. At present, under the 16 year devoted leadership of Mr. Ngapo Jigme, the Tibetan service of RFA, with over 30 journalists and editors, has become an important Tibet-related media, which can be called a shining example in the world. But he was suddenly dismissed without any reasons being given.
I have heard when the person in charge announced the dismissal of Mr. Ngapo Jigme in the presence of the staff of the Tibetan service, he refused to give any reasons for the dismissal. Meanwhile, the security personnel of RFA were ordered to escort Mr. Ngapo Jigme out of the building, and the action itself is tantamount to banishing him from the building. Nobody can understand why Mr. Ngapo, who is upright and has been dedicated to his work, is treated with such humiliation after having worked conscientiously for the media and journalism for 16 years.
I once worked for the media within the system under Chinese Communist Party control, and I knew well the ways how autocratic power works. But it has never occurred to me that, in a democratic society, dismissing one from his post can be done in such an autocratic way as well. The reasons for for the dismissal were neither explained, nor was the character and dignity of the person concerned taken into account.
By the way, I was also dismissed. By coincidence, it also happened after I had worked for 16 years. But at the moment, should I take the opportunity to praise the way in which the Chinese Communist Party authorities dismissed me? It happened in the office of the Party Secretary of TAR Federation of Literary and Art Circles. Smiling, one Tibetan and one Han Chinese official said to me gently, “because of your attitude toward your work, we’ve decided to allow you to resign voluntarily.” At that time I refused to resign on my own initiative, and answered, “I won’t resign on my own initiative, it’s fine for you to dismiss me.” This was handled not so badly as they did not order the security guards of the work unit to escort me out of the building, while leading a big black dog on a leash.
Judging by this −−− viewed from the fact that the person in charge did not give the reasons for the dismissal of Mr. Ngapo, comparatively speaking, the officials of CCP are more frank and honest. On one occasion 8 years ago, they clearly told me that the reason for them to deprive me of my position as the Editor for the journal Tibetan Literature was because I wrote a book and committed “very grave political mistakes.” At the time, the Deputy Director of the General Administration of Press and Publications gave the following explanation: “[The book] takes such serious political standpoints as praising the 14th Dalai Lama and the 17th Karmapa, and believing in and propagating religion, and the viewpoints [expressed in it] are erroneous. Some compositions, in a certain degree, have already entered into a certain political mistakes…” See, the CCP officials even made their reasons for dismissing me public.
As a listener of the Tibetan service of RFA for many years and also as a columnist who has written for RFA for the past six years, I know well how valuable the free and open platform for speech provided by the Tibetan service of RFA is. While it reports the news about the situation in Tibetan areas in China and Tibetan communities abroad in a timely fashion and truthfully, it upholds the values of an independent, balanced and pluralistic media, and adheres to the principle of freedom of speech and the impartiality of news. It also presents various voices so as to enable a variety of views to be expressed.The reason why the Tibetan service of
RFA has had great influence in Tibetan areas in China is precisely the result of the principle upheld by Mr. Ngapo over the past 16 years. I don’t know whether this is exactly the reason why he was dismissed, and one can only speculate about this. Because if it is the case, then this should be considered as dubious and a disgrace in a democratic society.
His Holiness Dalai Lama has repeatedly emphasized the importance of the truth, and the basis of truth relies on precisely the freedom of journalism. Just as His Holiness stated, “Unfortunately, in certain places in the world, news reports are generally censored and distorted,” and “vigorous censoring of news is immoral.” The autocratic regimes attempting to monopolize truth have always tried every means to control information and to hide the truth. The media under CCP control has always had only one voice, and the media serves as the mouthpiece and propaganda tools for the party. Thus, free media abroad is the irreplaceable channel for Tibetans inside Tibet to gain access to information and truth. In the struggle against autocracy, what we need to guard against the most is exactly using autocratic means to combat autocracy. If anybody wants to change the open and pluralistic Tibetan service of RFA into a propaganda tool and mouthpiece, then, the service will not only lose its current influence, but also seriously undermine the image of His Holiness Dalai Lama and obstruct the democratic process in Tibetan exile communities.
Thus, Radio Free Asia should clearly explain their reasons for dismissing Mr. Ngapo. This is not a personal issue for Mr. Ngapo alone, in reality, this has caused people from all circles to worry about the future of the Tibetan service of RFA. One will also be concerned with the negative impact it has for campaigns for Tibet abroad and the perplexity it has caused for people in Tibetan areas in China, in particular, at the juncture when the current situation in Tibet has never been so severe.
Finally, I would like to express my greatest admiration for and pay my respects to Mr. Ngapo −−− thank you for leading the Tibetan service of RFA for the past 16 years. While the service has provided truthful news for Tibetan listeners and has reported the serious situation in Tibet to the outside world, it has also shown the value of the principle of impartiality of news, balanced news reporting, the supervision of public opinion etc. Mr. Ngapo has made a great contribution to the success of the service, and indeed his achievements are great. I would like to say to you that justice is in the hearts of people, and history will always be restored to its original condition. And all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will see all the truth, the false, the good and the evil.
November 8, 2012, Lhasa

Biography of Ngapo Jigme taken from the Chinese pages of Wikipedia

Ngapo Jigme (1951-): the son of Ngapo Ngawang Jigme, born in Lhasa, Tibet. In 1959 he was transferred to the elementary school attached to the Central Institute for Nationalities in Beijing, and in 1964 he went to study in No. 4 Middle School in Beijing. In 1968 he went to live and work in the Left Banner of Tumed in Inner Mongolia. As a member of the first group of worker-peasant-soldier students, in 1972 he went to study at the Foreign Languages Department, Inner Mongolia Normal College, and upon graduation, he taught at the Lhasa Middle School and Tibet Teacher’s College. In 1978 he was admitted into the Research Institute of the Central Institute for Nationalities in Beijing, and received his M.A. in 1982. Upon graduation, he became the assistant research fellow of Tibet Institute at Central Institute for Nationalities. In 1985 he went abroad on a visit, and in 1987 he studied at Department of Government and Foreign Affairs at University of Virginia. In 1990 he worked at the International Campaign for Tibet. In 1996, Ngapo Jigme became the director of the Tibetan service of Radio Free Asia. Ngapo Jigme’s views on the Tibet issue are different from those of the Chinese Communist Party or Tibetan government in exile.

23 November, 2012
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  2. Whatever, the reason for kicking out Ngapo Jigme, it is a reasonable ground impacting the function and goal of the RFA . It is nothing surprising to escort out an employee, especially with his status to avoid any misuse of official documents and codes. This is a portocol for all organizations if the employee have access to sensitive documents.
    Jigme was appointed as the director, though he was fresh from school and had no administrative experience . Intact, it was at that time even criticized as an attempt to please has father. There are far better candidates but his connection both in Tibet and outside helped him.

    • Ngopo jigme has a very impressive Bio. He is one Tibetan who is pro CCP Government. We cannot blame him for being that since all his family members Enjoy high position in CCP Government. For his record, he meets with Dalai Lama only once, since he held the position at RFA. Apart from Chinese Government he is the only person who avoid meeting Dalai Lama every chance he was presented. He was missing when Dalai Lama received the congressional metal. Fire employee who displeases him personally. His appointment of staff at RFA was based on Nepotism rather than by merit. Hence, there is no doubt that The Staff members appointed by him are more loyal to him than His Holiness the Dalai Lama… Does Tibetan seriously think we are better off handing out one of most important logistic position to likes of him or it should go to someone who is loyal Tibetans, who can at least read and write Tibetan fluently? After all this station is Tibetan broadcasting not Chinese. Don’t we Tibetan deserve someone who cares about Tibet, Tibetan and most importantly someone who shows genuine respect towards His Holiness? In my opinion, we Tibetan and His Holiness deserve at least this much from a head of our news organization meant for Tibet. Do not forget that His Holiness begged and work hard to make RFA available for Tibetan, not Ngopo Jiggme.

      • Great Dorjee la, This is long tradition of Tibetans (Pulling legs) and criticizing fellow colleagues.
        Wakeup! Can’t you understand where are we now. You seems to be good educated, try to use that on poor Tibetans in Tibet instead of using it on CHAMCHA GIRI.
        I guess people like you always keep HHDL on your tongue. But you practice on different way.

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  4. See this. Lobsang Nyendak la is reeducating the staff at RFA.

  5. Whatever the reasons of his dismissal from the post, but concern authority should let know the public the ground realities and truth..

  6. The truth and reason for dismissing Mr. Jigme can only be revealed through honest cooperation of RFA president, Ms.Libby Liu. She has been busy visiting Dharamsala lately and kowtowing to the conservative members of our government. Kalden Lodoe is just a opportunist who doesn’t value fair and balanced news coverage and lack the democratic backbone.

  7. I always thought that RFA was free of governmental and personal influence but i guess i was wrong.

    • It is indeed sad to discuss this issue when our fellow Tibetans are suffering so much. We are all discussing a person who from what I heard and am not even sincere towards Tibet. I am sure the staff members loyal to him are appoint by him. They should all know that they enjoy wealth and status because of a radio station meant for Tibetan people not for Ngapo. I think some of them rightly pointed out that Mr. Jigmey and staff members might have enjoyed this radio station like personal property far too long. As far as I am concerned, it is about time we need sincere Leader and better radio personals. If they have problem-serving person who cares about Tibet, they are welcome to leave their post with Mr. Jigmey. I am sure he will take care of you all. We rest of the Tibetan are confident that there are better and more able Tibetan waiting in line to take over the job. I happy that Mr. Jigmey’s Time has ended at a very curtail time. Tibetans are suffering and we definitely need a leader who can support our cause whole-heartedly. Many fellow Tibetans and I are looking forward to new RFA leadership with happy heart. I on behalf of Tibetans who are looking forward to this new change would Thank Miss Lippy for this courage move.

    • Rest of the world know that there is no freedom of speech in Tibet. but no body knows that there is no freedom speech in exiled gov. Since Lobsang Singey became kalon tripa. Under his pressure Phayul coments section was closed and now he is trying to put his hands on the Radio Free Asia media which is belong US congress . Since he graduate from Howard university he thinks that he is also US congress Kalon tripa . This time US congress Leader Rohrabachar has teach a good lesson to him.

  8. I don’t give a DAMN to traitor’s son. Why we tibetans knowtow to kudraks? They are clever ones and they lost our country.

  9. Whatever the reason and whatever competence or incompetence, 16 years is a long time, and it is natural with leader changes in organizations.

  10. Lets not rush without proper information on what background Ngapo was fire from post of RFA. Ngapo Jigme never worked for HH the Dalai Lama as mentioned in Woser la’s article but he spent couple years with ICT and later he tried to stay away from ICT and abandoned all the relation with his former employee after he joined RFA and in, past 16 year he has no connection with Dharamsala personnel or official and tried to stay away from Dharamsala. Besides I learned that he never join with general Tibetan in DC area and even neve attend any of events of HH the Dalai Lama in DC. It is strange to learn that a person incharge of Tibetan News Media do not have any connection with Dharamsala and tried to stay away from Tibetan community.

    November 16, 2012
    Contact: Tara Setmayer
    Rohrabacher Concerned about Censorship in Tibetan Service of Radio Free Asia
    Washington, D.C. – Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (CA-46) wrote to Radio Free Asia President Libby Liu yesterday inquiring about the abrupt dismissal of long time Tibet Service Director, Jigme Ngapo. Congressman Rohrabacher wrote, “I have reason to believe that he was terminated for political reasons.” Last month almost every staff member of the Tibet Service signed a letter of support of Ngapo and urged that he remain on as Director. He is well known in the Tibetan community for encouraging and permitting divergent points of view to be aired on RFA about Tibet’s future.
    Jamyang Norbu, one of the most prominent intellectual voices outside of occupied-Tibet, a supporter of free speech, democracy, and independence for Tibet recently had his contract terminated by RFA.
    Lobsang Sangay, the Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government in Exile and his predecessor Samdong Rinpoche have in the past expressed their opposition of the leadership of the Tibetan Service at RFA. Both have met with President Libby Liu.
    73 Tibetans have self-immolated since March 2011, Rep. Rohrabacher said, “It could not be clearer; the people of Tibet are dying for freedom and independence. RFA needs to continue to be the source for accurate information. Any suggestion of political censorship within RFA must be fully investigated.”
    Rep. Rohrabacher is Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

  12. Ngapo’s case was simply political and influenced by Dharamsala’s witch hunt on Rang Tzepas.

  13. I am so relieved that Congressman Rohrabacher has written to RFA President Ms. Liu and the House Foreign Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation is looking in to this matter. It is so sad and disappointing to see how our exile leaders have banished Mr. Jigme la soon after the death of his father, mother and sister. Dharamsala would never do this if his father was still alive. What are our leaders in dharamsala drinking? We lost our land to the Chinese about 60 years ago but now we the exile Tibetans are on the brink of losing our freedom of speech. Dharamsala talks about democracy but they don’t truly understand the real importance of it. They are behaving more and more like an autocratic government. I am so sad that our brave countrymen and women are sacrificing themselves with the hope of a better Tibet and with a tremendous hope in our exile leaders.

    • Cummunist Chienese will be happy have a loysl person like Ngapo Jigme on their side. A person who visieted china many times without any problem while people like was denied Visa to vist China. As I mentioned earlier he avoid meeting with His Hollenss every time and you beleive he is loyal Tibetan. Give me a break. I hope more able and good Tibetan would replace good and loyal Tibetan. So you honestly think that person like Jigmey who has respect for His Holliness is fit work for RFA?????????
      For your information,if Tibetans in Tibet knew how Ngapo Jigme feeling and how treat His holliness I am sure they will be happy he was dismissed.Like father like son.
      As far a Lobsang Sangay, the Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government in Exile,concerced I did not vote for him but now I regret not doing so. I think he is Leader fit for this time and era. He is articulate, intelligent and great speaker. He represent us Tibetan very well in the globe.I hope and I knoe he will win the next election too.

      • Sorry lots of typing mistakes. I just meat to say we need to replace poeple like him who has no respect and gratitude towards His Holiness with better Tibtan. Do not drag Good and loyal Tibetan into this mess. No one of them mentioned about while thet sacrifice their life for Tibet. Majority wants His Holliness to visit Tibet.

    • Hi friends,
      You all are seemed to be very concerned about the current critical situation in Tibet, so think about the consequent of making some dissuaded comments. Our community is not so easy-going with gossips. Sooner or later, truth will prevail.

  14. As for our Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sengay. He was called the Harvard Sengye (lion) when he was elected, however a year in Dharamsala, he has turned into an Apso ( lapdog)….

  15. I wonder what’s going on? Everyone seems beating the bush. The truth can be revealed only by the president of RFA. Its good to do investigation on it. The questions lie on the reason for his dismissal or could be his involvement in sensitive documents ?

  16. I am gald that RFA is heading towards reform. I always believed he was wrong person for this position. Thumps Up for Miss Liu. Thank you……

  17. Its quite amazing how the cta operates. There are many other examples of this kind and the sad part is that the people responsible truly believe that they are doing some great service to the administration and to the people. What a warped sense of priorities they have. unbelievable!

    November 19, 2012
    Contact: Tara Setmayer
    Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (CA-46) sent a letter to Lobsang Sangay, the Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government-In-Exile to express outrage that he and other Tibetan leaders are attempting to manipulate the news that is being reported by the Tibetan service of Radio Free Asia. Representative Rohrabacher wrote to Sangay, “actions taken by you and other Tibetan leaders … are eroding support within the US Congress for the Tibetan cause. You and your cohorts must immediately cease making disparaging remarks and taking harmful actions aimed at the Tibetan Service of Radio Free Asia and its loyal, hard working Tibetan-American staff.”
    It appears that pressure from the Tibetan Government-In-Exile is responsible for the recent firing of the long time Director of the Tibetan Service within Radio Free Asia, Jigme Ngapo. Ngapo is well respected within the Tibetan community and known for encouraging open discussion about Tibet’s future, including independence, a position not advocated by Sangay and some other individuals in the Tibetan Government-In-Exile.
    Congressman Rohrabacher emphasized to Sangay that “I will not tolerate any machinations by you or your associates to deprive the Tibetan people of the joys of open debate and the free exchange of information that Radio Free Asia has provided.” The letter continues that “the 75 Tibetans who have selfimmolated did not do so for the right to become a minority group within Communist China; the policy you are advocating. They are killing themselves for their right to freedom and self-determination and the end of the illegal Chinese occupation.”
    Representative Rohrabacher added that he is “also aware of serious accusations that US funding meant for Tibetans may have been misspent… If US assistance has been misspent and perhaps even goes into the pockets of the Communist Chinese and Tibetan power brokers I will learn of it and action will be taken.” In 2012 the US Government granted $7.5 million dollars in support of the Tibetans.
    Rep. Rohrabacher is Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

  19. In the beginning I assumed that this was an act of Communist China. I guess I am wrong now.
    Why on the Earth our Prime Minister and Kalons want to remove him from the post? Are they really listening to Chinese leaders? Mr. Jigme Ngapo did his job by broadcasting accurate messages of our brothers and sisters in Tibet and their messages to outside of Tibet.
    Was he dismissed because he didn’t used RANGWANG word?
    Make no mistake fellows Tibetans, 78 Tibetans who sacrificed their lives in (Amdo & Kham) Tibet was asking for RANGZEN and Return of HHDL to Tibet. Don’t manipulate their messages, its an insult to martyrs.
    Media should have Freedom and broadcast the truth messages.

  20. Folks, Lets all not jump to conclusion and do the blame game. We really don’t know the other side of the story. So refrain and keep reading.

  21. sorry Ngapo, thanks for ur good work in the past.. now u have to go. means u r fired.

  22. The Congressman’s scadhing letter bares all!!!!
    If not for that letter (was it really true?) we ordinary Tibetans shall be clueless to back room intriges.
    What goes around comes around…….Our Sekyong mite have already forgotten how he began his amazing climb to the TOP……???
    …Please remember TRUTH of information for those in Tibet!!!

  23. Everyone, quit making assumptions and pointing fingers. At this stage, we do not know much. Quit speculating. To someone that said that Ngapo was not a loyal Tibetan, well he doesn’t have to be. As a journalist, one must be truthful, stay on facts, and be objective. He/she does not need to take sides. I seriously do not know much about Ngapo or his views, but truth should not be suppressed and one’s opinions should not be presented as news. For all we know, he could be accused of sexual harassment and fired or better yet he could have stolen those fancy voice recorders and gotten fired. The point is, do not make up stories when the truth has not been revealed for there are many gullible people out there.

    • Well, as an unbiased journalist, and a truthful one at that, don’t you think he should have frequented himself around where the news is most. That would be where Tibetans in exile is most? Be in and around Tibetan communities.Because that’s where an honest journalist can put his pedal to the metal? If, in fact, what some who seem to know him well by what they say here is true,it does not seem to sit too well with the congressman’s praise for the gentleman either.God knows who is right or wrong.For goodness sake, let’s just learn to listen and observe for our own good before making erroneous blunders.

  24. To his fellow Radio Free Asia employees, he was, by all account, a very social person-by social they mean the sort that is not political in nature- like attending wedding ceremonies, coming in person when some one dies in the RFA family etc. For that he is liked, after all who is not going to like a boss like that. But ask about his political stands and all you get is a smile that says who cares. Who cares as long as I am employed and have a boss that is that is apparently socially friendly. But that is the sort of thing that bothers us who are innocent in matters political. Intuitively we ask how come that the son of Tibet’s greatest traitor, that Ngabo Ngawang Jigme who signed the 17 Points Agreement and who never spoke critically of the Chinese regime until his death, has been employed as the head of the Radio Free Asia? We do naturally look for Chinese connections. After all, the word on the street is that he has no connection with dharmasala, has met His Holiness the Dalai Lama but only once, never gets involved with Tibetan community in DC and frequently travels to China without any visa problems. When I first heard that “he” was the director of RFA Tibetan section, my immediate reaction was “oh no, not again”. I do support rangzen- but I don’t see how Jigme Ngabo actually stands for rangzen as lot of rangzen wallas try to make prove. If you do need an answer for his sacking you should also be outraged that there was never an answer accounting for his background when he was appointed as the director of RFA in the first place. That we are not equally outraged is really puzzling. If RFA took such a drastic measure as to escort him out from the office, rest assured that there are more to it than some pressure from Dharamsala. After all, Dharamsala can only exert normative or moral pressure to an entity that is within the jurisdiction of USA.

    • Dharamsala has already made a statement clarifying its stand stating it has no hands in whatever happened with Ngapo, Jigme and whatever aids came from the USA government in the form US dollars to the Tibetans is used well where they were meant to be.I fully trust Dharamsala is telling the truth.The statement from the Seykyong can be read on tibet.net, I think.

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  26. Things seems to becoming ugly involving CTA. Please make it clear to the general public. This case is puzzling/carries more greviences than dismissal of Jigme Ngabo.The letter sent to CTA by US Congress made me totally disturbed. The contents, lettering, wordings all seems to carry great unclear hidden meanings. This misunderstanding.. whatever must be bleached away from peoples mind.. specially Tibetans inside Tibet and outside Tibet.This deals with a Nation(Tibet) and not an individual. I have no comments on Jigme’s dismissal. I am very sorry to hear it.

  27. i am deeply saddened and ashamed of the attitudes of the person who are involve in the dismissing of ngapo jigme, i would like to know the reason and truths behind this conspiracy, truth and light should be always seen by all.
    and my friends, we shouldn’t bring HHDL in these kind of issues just to hide one’s misbehavior.

  28. We shouldn’t be speculating anything for the moment. There should be a thorough investigation into the allegation made by Dana of our Sikyong and Ex Kalon Tripa by a special parliamentary committee whether our the executives of the CTA are involved officially or unofficially in the function of a free press like RFA. The committee should look into if there is a concerted effort to silence dissent in the Tibetan public media in general and specifically into RFA for personal or to kowtow to official stance. Don’t waste time until then speculating!

  29. The Dismissal of Mr. Ngapo Jigme –
    A Cause of Disruption of The ideals of A Free Press
    As a regular and enthusiastic follower of the Tibetan Service of RFA – over the last decade, I was deeply shocked to hear about the sudden dismissal of the Director of the Tibetan Service, Mr Ngapo Jigme. Under his leadership the tibetan service of RFA has been a reliable and successful channel of news around the globe and especially for the Tibetans in Tibet, who are, as we all know otherwise denied of this privilege of having access to the truth, to an unbias and an undaunting source of information, under the communist regime.
    Mr. Ngapo Jigme as I’ve gathered, is very well known in our community and wide beyond, for the high principles and democratic values he holds and practices. His personal qualifications for the post of The Director of the Tibetan Service, and the many years of dedicated service is undisputable.
    Thence this issue of his abrupt dismissal and the very fact that no official and concrete reason has been given, makes it a very disturbing issue and therefore I would like to express my deep concern in this regard.
    Not wanting to be a silent observer of this injustice inflicted upon a man of honour and in such a humiliating way, ( a disgrace in a land where democratic values build the core and the fundament of the society) I have looked into this issue and made a survey of the matters that very well seem to have played a great roll in this effect.
    Herewith I would like to present some arguments and proofs gathered, inorder to protest against this most drastic and unjust action taken under the leadership of the RFA President, Mrs. Libby Liu.
    As a matter of fact it is widely known that – the American Broadcasting Board of Governors ,(BBG) as cost cutting measures in such services as RFA and VOA, have considered reducing the number of officials from the administrative sector. So the RFA President Mrs. Libby Liu, under the threat of loosing her position, gravely started lobbying in all the influential circles, inorder to gain support in BBG. She even paved her way to win private audiences with HH the Dalai Lama, who inturn, is deservingly held in high esteem by many members of the congress. With this Mrs. Liu’s intentions are clear.
    My survey goes on further, to reveal Mr. Kalden Lodoe, RFA service staff member, who appears to be the master mind behind this whole issue. Realizing the situation and the intentions of Mrs. Liu and taking advantage of it, he mobilized his connections in Dharamsala, in not only gaining private audiences of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for her, but also escorting her in Person to these very audiences, thereby leaving behind a false and pretentious opinion . Here I must mention that Mr. Kalden Lodoe happens to be the brother- in- law of a senior official in the Private office of H.H the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala. This particular official is presently in Washington DC and is assumed to be looking for a job –wouldn’t it be convienient to acquire this presently disputed seat of the Director of the tibetan service – the path seems to be paved free – intentionally or co-incidently!
    As the word goes, Mrs. Liu issues an order of a sudden and attractive raise of salary for Mr. Kalden Lodoe. Mr. Ngapo JIgme is said to have disputed this favouritism shown by Mrs. Liu and refused to sign this order.
    So clearly , one more stone paved on the path leading to the dismissal of Mr. Ngapo Jigme.
    Words from different sources go on further to discuss the other connections of Mr. Kalden Lodoe.
    Mr. Benpa Topgay a senior editor in the tibetan service of RFA, has been unduly accorded the Interim Director of the service instead of , as the norm usually goes , Mr. Karma Dorjee the existing Deputy Director. Mr. Tseten Namgyal the senior editor is reputed to be better qualified than Mr. Benpa Topgay. But unfortunately they both stand no chance against Mr. Benpa Topgay, who again has the privilege of having marital relationships with Mr. Kalden Lodoe. In clear text, Benpa Topgay is the father-in-law of Kalden Lodoe’ s brother-in-law. A complicated liason, isn’t it?! But it’s a fact.
    Now a little information gathered to describe the person of Mr. Kalden Lodoe….as already mentioned – the master mind behind the whole issue!
    In many occasions he is quoted to speak very disrespectfully against monks and nuns in special and offcourse also against his fellowmen. He is said to have referred to monks and nuns as stupid and useless members of the society who make no contributions to the economic welfare of a society. Morals and principles in life seem to be of no value for this particular gentleman. I would like to draw your attention in this regard, to the resonance in his words and that of dictator Mao’s, many decades ago – ’’religion is poison’’. With this in mind Mr. Kalden Lodoe seems to have denounced his monks robes some years back.
    During the Kalachakra intiation in Washington DC in the summer of 2011, this young gentleman disregarding the norm and the wish of H.H the Dalai Lama, that the monks and nuns rise as first, to view the Mandala, Mr. Kalden addressed the monks and nuns very harsh and disrespectfully and literally ordered them back to their seats.
    On this very same occasion of Kalachakra, Mr. Kalden Lodoe took it upon himself to ban the Tibetan Youth Congress from setting up an information stand on the compounds of the auditorium. He is quoted to have said that this is a religious gathering and there is no place here for political issues. Taking into account such incidents as this, as an indivisual, one gets to question oneself – what the whole Tibetan Cause is really all about!
    Isn’t it a shame? Who is this man with an exaggerated sense of self-importance, waving his septor relentlessly in favour of his own personal interests?
    So my dear friends, I ’ve come to the conclusion that this is a story of intrigue, of lies, of selfish motives and offcourse of manipulation. In other words, a story of an opportunist . History repeats itself once again!
    Lastly, I should also make a mention of the word that went about recently, about the big amount of monetary donations Mr.Kalden recieved from Taiwan – the cause naturally again –unknown!
    This prior issue – the dismissal of Nr. Ngapo Jigme, has raised many questions, for instance, Where does all this really lead to? Whats the future of the tibetan service of RFA going to be like? In which direction does it move – that of Xinhua (Official Press Agency of the Chinese regime.) or that of a Free Press,( for that what the service stood for till date)? I’m left with nothing but to express deep concern and disappointment!

    • This is all correct, but it’s missing one important part of the full story. This is the real full story: a sad tale of personal ambition and betrayal that would go nowhere without a CTA administration ready to exploit it. The CTA was involved fully.
      Mr. Kalden Lodoe maybe had a big personal ambition, but he needed the CTA’s cooperation so he could dangle “access to His Holiness” like a golden prize for Ms. Libby Liu’s job ambition. He could not do it alone. Sikyong Lobsang Sangay saw this as an opportunity to stage a coup at RFA and remove a huge thorn in his side, ie Mr. Jigme Ngapo’s defence of free speech. We all know that Sikyong talks of free speech but threatens anyone who doesn’t support him as being against Unity or against His Holiness.
      So there was a Cooperation of Convenience between Kalden Lodoe and Lobsang Sangay.
      Funny enough: people say that both Kalden Lodoe and Lobsang Sangay had affair with Libby Liu.
      Sad. Sad. Sad.


  31. TSOMO- Kalden Lodoe is one of the most effective and straight forward journalist among the Tibetans in exile. Please stop making baseless allegations against him, if you have evidence please provide them at proper forum. What he did during DC Kalachakra was right, don’t make up fake stories and please for heaven’s sake, refrain from making personal attacks. If there is any truth, then come out with your real name.

  32. Please do not misuse Tsering Shakya’s name and reputation to authenticate your false and maligned story.

  33. Theatricality of Politics
    These are some serious allegations made against a government in exile by a sitting United States Congressman that is privy to information that most of us simply are not. These allegations made against members holding public office are common, generally warranted when there is grounds to believe that serious violations are being committed.
    Allegations of a foreign government – in exile – attempting to influence a media agency based in the United States demands an investigation especially one that is funded partly through federal government grants.
    The response of some members claiming to be representing various Diaspora communities as well as comments of members of the Diaspora deeply saddens me as a young individual within the North American Diaspora. It is admirable, but mistaken.
    Although i am pleased to see some many involved and taking action within the Diaspora in the matters of Tibet and the government in exile, the messages in the response strongly displays some of the hallmarks of Tibetan, as well as global, politics that are truly repressive in their approach.
    Tibetan politics, similar to many developing societies, is highly saturated with nepotism and aristocracy that has failed to be removed from our society even as we struggle to define the Tibetan struggle after more than 50 years.
    It displays a highly disturbing pattern of radicalized and unquestioned support of a government that has generally governed through aristocratic and paternalistic attitude that has and continues to cause various failures in our fight to raise the Tibetan struggle for our freedom and self determination.
    It displays a deeply saddening hallmark of the self inferiority complex among the Diaspora. A combination of the nepotism, aristocracy and self inferiority complex enables an institution to gather radicalized support in times of accusations and investigations of their institutions. radicalized support harms the people, the cause and the institution. The time to use these methods of crisis management has passed and should not be encouraged.
    Let us not have our patriotism questioned while we demand a more transparent, secular and democratic government in exile.

  34. me too is shocked to learn resigned NJ. It is hindrances situation in free society. Also matter is related to us as Tibetan people to know the reason to dismissal. I hope individual US lobby representive is not behind causing to force him to fire. We demand to know the reason for his dismissing. Ngobo Jigme-la is one of many Tibetan heroes who left Tibet to serve our people even though he,himself, was good position with high education under Chinese Communist in Tibet 16, 18 years ago. Either way we have to know sake of justice and dignity of future matter.

  35. This seems to be appoint directly by Mr. Ngapo as you have all the inside news. I think we should reframe from undermining a successful event orgnise by Tibetans.Kalachakra organised in DC was in my opinoin gained and scored many important mile stone for culture and for Tibet.
    1.The high light was ofcourse the Kalachara by His Holliness in DC consider to world’s political hub.
    2.We were all able celebrate His Holliness Birth Day together life and through Internet.
    2.His Holiness thanked the organiser especially Kalden Lodoe for presenting His Holliness the orppotunity one of his the during Kalachakra.
    3. We and thousands of people enjoied free public talk by His Holliness.
    4.President Obhama got chance to meet His Holliness.
    i can add more to list, But you will not understand work and sacrifices the indivituals has to make to achieve this kind of succeess.

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