"Tibetans Who Escaped the Historian’s Net" Edited by Charles Ramble, Peter Schwieger & Alice Travers

2014 07 Reading List Tibetans Who Escaped the Historians Net
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Published in December 2013 by Vajra Books, this volume is the first in a series of collected papers representing the results of the research project “The Social History of Tibetan Societies. 17th-20th Centuries”.

From the Vajra Publications website:

As the title of the work suggests, the broad focus of interest is provided by “the sort of people who usually escape the historian’s net” (a phrase borrowed from William Dalrymple’s “The Last Moghul”). However, in addition to the social groups that are still largely underrepresented in studies on Tibetan communities both within the PRC and in adjacent countries, the contributions to this volume include the attitude of the central government and its organs towards its subjects, and to the analysis of some of the source materials themselves.

See the Table of Contents and Introduction here: http://www.tibetanhistory.net/project-publications/
Buy the book on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1r3d84b

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