Tibetan Names in Simplified Chinese

Below is a table intended to benefit those who are looking for renderings in English for Tibetan names written using Chinese characters. It’s a work in progress so all feedback and additions are welcome in the comments section. High Peaks Pure Earth hope that it will prove a useful resource for translators who are translating Chinese language Tibet-related texts into English.
When looking for an English rendering, use the “Find” method on your computer and paste in the Chinese characters you are looking for.


  1. saw a vid today of short speech in Tibetan, at US rally,
    saw it on tsampa revolution facebook page – do you know of a translation, summary or subtitles yet? comments on the speech make me curious.

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  3. I’m so glad I found this! Do you happen to know how to write གཡང་འཛེལ་/永宗 in English? Is it ‘Yongten’ or ‘Yangzom’, or something else entirely? Many thanks!

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