"TIBET: Reports from Exile" by Thubten Samphel

Published by Blackneck Books, Dharamsala, and launched there on December 14, 2019, “TIBET: Reports from Exile” by Thubten Samphel chronicles decades of history through articles and essay.
From Blackneck Books:
“The articles and essays in this book chronicle an evolution of history spanning decades. The first piece was published in 1980, when both occupied Tibet and China were suffering from the devastation of Mao’s decade-long Cultural Revolution. The period of liberalization, as Deng Xiaoping embraced economic reforms and opened China to the outside world, brought with it optimism and an illusion of possible detente with Tibet. While this seemingly rags-to-riches era launched the People’s Republic of China onto the global stage, across the border in Tibet a massive military and civilian occupation upended the nation’s way of life and once-pristine environment.
Thubten Samphel’s life-long service with the Tibetan Government-in-Exile makes him both a firsthand witness and direct participant to many of the events he discusses. This front-seat view means that Tibet: Reports from Exile carries far more authority on Tibet and the Tibetan people’s struggle for freedom than many scholarly treatises.”
“TIBET: Reports from Exile” by Thubten Samphel is on sale in Dharamsala or contact Bhuchung D. Sonam to enquire.

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