"The Tibetan Suitcase: A Novel" By Tsering Namgyal Khortsa

The Tibetan Suitcase
Self-published in April 2013, “The Tibetan Suitcase” is the first novel by Tibetan journalist and writer Tsering Namgyal Khortsa. Following on from Tsewang Pemba’s 1966 work Idols on the Path, Jamyang Norbu’s 2002 work The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Years and “Falling Through the Roof” by Thubten Samphel, Tsering Namgyal Khortsa is the fourth exile Tibetan to tackle the novel form in English. In this interview published on Phayul.Com, Tsering Namgyal Khortsa talks about his motivations for writing a novel.
As described on the “The Tibetan Suitcase” Amazon page: “A well-known journalist, on a sabbatical after years of writing about the Asian financial crisis, was given a suitcase which belonged to a Tibetan writer. The journalist decides that contents of the suitcase — letters, stories, newspaper clippings, press releases, diaries, amongst others — would make for an epistolary novel. The book reflects on the state of the author’s lost homeland, but also manages to capture, quite accurately, the sense of what is like being a Tibetan in the modern world.”
Read Thubten Samphel’s review of “The Tibetan Suitcase” here: http://highpeakspureearth.com/2013/guest-post-by-thubten-samphel-book-review-of-the-tibetan-suitcase-by-tsering-namgyal-khortsa/
Buy the paperback book on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/13mvJza
Order the Kindle edition from Amazon here: http://amzn.to/12aj24q

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