The Most-Read Postings on High Peaks Pure Earth in 2013

2013 Demo Che Gade Tsering
“Bidding farewell to 2013” Image taken from Tibetan poet Gade Tsering’s Weibo

A Happy New Year to all High Peaks Pure Earth readers!
2013 was the fifth full year of translations and blog postings on High Peaks Pure Earth, thank you all for reading, commenting, supporting, sharing and getting in touch. It was also the year we focused on music, bringing you 36 new translations of popular music videos from Tibet.
For those readers visiting us from your mobile phones or tablets, you will notice a new mobile site that we hope is simple, clean and easy to use.
We’re happy to see so many readers stay with us, not only here but also on our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages.
Here is a quick round-up of our blogposts that were popular over 2013:
1. The most read posting on High Peaks Pure Earth in 2013 by far was the article by Woeser of May 10 titled “Our Lhasa is on the Verge of Destruction! Please, Save Lhasa!”. Woeser, through blogging, was able to mobilise media and various communities of supporters to pay attention to the situation in Lhasa and the changes taking place there.
2. As regular readers will know, Woeser is the most translated and most read Tibetan blogger on High Peaks Pure Earth, this general link to her articles is one of the most-clicked links on the site:
Over 2013, apart from the article above about Lhasa, the most read articles by Woeser on High Peaks Pure Earth were “What is the Secret Behind ‘Secret Tibet’?”“The Tibetan Version of ‘Forbidden Memory: Tibet During the Cultural Revolution’ Is Now Available for Download Free of Charge” and “‘Kohl’s Toilet’ on the Way to Lhasa”.
3. The self-immolations in Tibet continued in 2013 and the post “A Tibetan Intellectual, Naktsang Nulo, Shares His Thoughts on Self-Immolations in Tibet” of February 26 was much read and much shared. Naktsang Nulo’s essay was rare and valuable as it aired the views from a Tibetan living within the PRC on a politically sensitive topic. The essay contained both a clear appeal for Tibetans not to self-immolate and also an appeal to His Holiness the Dalai Lama to “ask the brave Tibetans not to self-immolate”.

“RESPECT” By Sheep Droppings from HPeaks on Vimeo.

4. The most popular music video of the year was a rap called “RESPECT” by a group calling themselves Sheep Droppings. Our “To the Cast and Crew of ‘Tibet’s Secret’: Tibetan Rappers Demand RESPECT” was no doubt boosted by media interest in both the music video and the TV series it was rapping in protest to.
5. Finally, the High Peaks Pure Earth reading lists continued to attract readers with both the Summer and Winter updates.
In 2014 we plan to continue posting regular translations of blogposts by Woeser as well as translations of music videos and poetry from Tibet. We are also currently putting the finishing touches onto a major translations project that we have been working on for a while, we’ll make that available in the coming months!

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