"The Lord Across the Distant Land": A Song by Detained Singer Sherab

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated a song from 2009 by detained singer and actor Sherab called “The Lord Across the Distant Land”. Sherab, also known as Sogtruk Sherab, was detained on September 20, 2012.
According to this report by Radio Free Asia from September 21, 2012:

Sogtruk Sherab was taken into custody early Thursday by police in Yulgan (in Chinese, Henan) county in the province’s Tibetan-populated Malho (in Chinese, Huangnan) prefecture, a local resident said, speaking to RFA’s Tibetan service on condition of anonymity. “He had sung several songs and staged many short satire skits on themes reflecting the Tibetan situation,” the source said. “There is no information about his current place of detention or the condition of his health,” he added.

The Tibetan word ཨ་ཇོ་ (a jo), here translated as “Lord” can also be translated as “elder brother” or “God”. However translated, in the song it is a clear reference to the Dalai Lama as the “Lord” residing beyond the mountains in another land.
This is the fourteenth weekly music video translated by High Peaks Pure Earth since the song series started in November 2012 with “Song of Sorrow” by Dawoe. Quite a few of the music videos have been by detained or missing artists such as Lolo, Gepey and Phuljung.
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Below are the subtitled music video and translated lyrics of “The Lord Across the Distant Land” by Sherab.

“The Lord Across the Distant Land” By Sherab from HPeaks on Vimeo.

“The Lord Across the Distant Land”
By Sherab

The Lord is in the distant land
Beyond the distant mountains
Narrating the rise and fall of the Snowland
Remembering a humble boy like me

Where is the Lord’s voice?
It is on the rooftop of the world
Proclaiming the good message of peace
Remembering a humble boy like me

Where are the Lord’s thoughts?
They are on the peak of the snow mountains
Manifesting in the radiance of the snow mountains
Remembering a humble boy like me

[Translation by High Peaks Pure Earth]

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  1. This is very sad and powerful song, to me it resonates with despair and hardship Tibetans are feeling at the moment and years they have waited for salvation. It feels as the singer is imploring “Ah-Jo” (HH Dalai Lama), and asking him; “Where are you?”, “Where is your voice?”, “Where is your thought?” because this humble boy is thinking of you and (maybe implying he is waiting for you, your voice and thoughts). He is giving “Ah-Jo” the benefit of doubt by asking; “Are you beyond the distant mountains, narrating the rise and fall of the Land of Snow?”, “Are you on roof of the world proclaiming the good message of peace?”, and “Are you in the peak of the snow mountain manifesting in the radiance of the snow mountain?”. To me if these are questions, it has a feeling of implying though are you are in our thoughts and all these things are great, you are far away from our us and we are suffering, thus I am asking these questions and praying for your salvation..

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