"The Heart's Blood Flows" – Music Video by Imprisoned Tibetan Singer Ugyen Tenzin

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated a music video titled “The Heart’s Blood Flows” by imprisoned Tibetan singer Ugyen Tenzin. Ugyen Tenzin is from Nangchen in Kham and featured previously as one of the singers in the music video “Hold Onto The Ancestral Land”. The other singers of “Hold Onto The Ancestral Land” were also all from Kham, Dawoe, Yeshe Senge, Tenzin, Dakpa Gyaltsen and Tringyal and the songwriter Norgyal also wrote “The Heart’s Blood Flows”.
It was reported in March 2012 that Ugyen Tenzin had been detained the month before. According to Radio Free Asia, “[His album] has thirteen songs, and some of songs are dedicated or in praise of the Dalai Lama, Karmapa, and [Kalon Tripa] Lobsang Sangay”. In April 2012, the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy reported that Ugyen Tenzin had been sentenced to two years in prison “for singing songs calling for Tibetan unity and freedom”. There appear to have been no news updates on Ugyen Tenzin since that report. Urgyen Tenzin’s album in its entirety can be viewed on YouTube here.
This is music video number 36 translated by High Peaks Pure Earth since the music video series started at the end of last year. Be sure to go back and watch our other videos using this link: http://highpeakspureearth.com/category/music-from-tibet/ 
Below are the subtitled music video and translated lyrics of “The Heart’s Blood Flows”:

“The Heart’s Blood Flows” By Ugyen Tenzin from HPeaks on Vimeo.


“The Heart’s Blood Flows”

Singer: Ugyen Tenzin
Lyrics: Norgyal
Melody: Pasang


Where the first blood spills at the time of birth
Where the spirit dissolves at the time of death
Where our heart’s blood streams
The bitter land of Tibet

Whose laughter echoes in times of joy
Whose tears fall in times of sorrow
Whose heart’s blood streams
The Tibetan brothers and sisters of tsampa eaters

Who to prostrate to in times of separation
Who to offer scarves to when reunited
Who our heart’s blood streams for
The protector Yeshe Norbu

Where freedom is found in times of prosperity
Where lives are lost in times of trouble
Where our heart’s blood streams
Lhasa, the seat of the sun

[Translation by High Peaks Pure Earth]

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  1. The translation of fourth line in first stanza is totally wrong. Instead of “bitter land” it should be “The cool mountainous country – Tibet”.

  2. Its really remarkable tasks and wanted to say thanks for being support for land of snow or tibet since long period of times….thanking you so much for being with us(tibetan).
    Nice job miss woeser la….

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