Statement by Film Director Pema Tseden

2016 07 11 Pema Tseden 3
High Peaks Pure Earth has translated Tibetan film director Pema Tseden’s statement posted on his Weibo page on July 11, 2016 from both the Chinese and the Tibetan languages. The statement by Pema Tseden has been the first heard from him directly since he was forcibly taken away by police following an incident at Xining airport on June 25, 2016.

Pema Tseden’s detention, and subsequent hospitalisation, prompted a social media outcry, and public concern was even expressed by the Film Directors Guild of China. International media attention was focused on Pema Tseden when news of his hospitalisation broke but this was followed by a long period of silence, until Pema Tseden posted a statement on his Weibo page earlier today.

Below are the translations of the Tibetan language Weibo post and the Chinese language Weibo post. Note that the Chinese that Pema Tseden wrote at the top of the Weibo post varies slightly from the Chinese that is on the photo of the statement.

Tibetan Language Statement

2016 07 11 Pema Tseden 1 Tibetan
Good wishes to all, at the time being I am staying at a government approved hospital. I am going through all sorts of oxygen mask and injection treatments, and my condition has slightly improved. I am unable to respond to messages because of the special circumstances. I apologise. Will the authorities investigate the incident? It has been 17 days since the incident happened. Since the incident, I have one wish, the incident must be made clear and investigated. Even if I have to return to detention, my wish for an investigation will remain unchanged. It is my wish that authorities provide immediate and speedy clarification regarding the incident. I thank from my heart, all those who have shown concern for my situation.

From Pema Tseden
July 11, 2016

Chinese Language Statement

2016 07 11 Pema Tseden 1 Chinese
Greetings to all, I am currently in an official government hospital, receiving daily oxygen, IV and other treatments and my condition has somewhat improved. Due to the special situation at the moment, it is not convenient for me to respond to every message one by one. Regarding this incident, the relevant authorities are currently in the process of carrying out an investigation again. It has already been 17 days since this incident took place.  From the beginning, until now, I have had one request: I demand an explanation. Even if I have to return to detention in the future, this demand will not change. It is my hope to receive a reasonable explanation as quickly as possible. Heartfelt thanks to all those who have shown concern towards me!

Pema Tseden
July 11, 2016

Pema Tseden also posted this photo of himself in hospital on his Weibo page:
2016 07 11 Pema Tseden 2

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