Poem: "Together We Shed Tears, Mourning the Yunnan Earthquake"

2014 10 28 Together We Shed Tears
High Peaks Pure Earth presents an English translation of a poem written by a Tibetan blogger on August 4, 2014, and posted online on the Gendun Chophel website on August 21, 2014

The poem is a poem of mourning for the victims of an earthquake that took place in Yunnan, most likely the earthquake of August 3, 2014 that measured 6.1 and killed at least 367 people according to the BBC. It is not clear from the BBC report how many Tibetans were affected but one blogger was moved to write this poem in Tibetan.
Yunnan province has seen several earthquakes this past year, the most recent one being on October 7 and measuring 6.4. In 2011, High Peaks Pure Earth published a poem in translation that was written in commemoration of the devastating Yushu earthquake.

“Together We Shed Tears
– Mourning the Yunnan Earthquake”

 (Translated by Dhonling Bhu)

Cry, even if your tears do not turn into blood
At the core, tears are merely love
Gangs of brothers and sisters
If you cannot respond to the natural disaster with tools
We respond with tears
Tears are the only tools we own
Brothers and sisters who live comfortably
In dusty places
Clean up with the help of your tears
Our tears are the pure love that we gave to them
And our tears are the contributions that we gave to them
Brothers and sisters
Only tears
Together we shed tears
Dedication of the deceased
Hope of the living people
Only the tears can
Mourn everyone
Console everyone
This globe covered with love
Cry even if your tears do not turn into blood
Together we strike nature
Together we face off fear
Brothers and sisters
Cry if you have love and compassion
Tears are the only necessity for them
Only the tears can clear the dust
Only the tears can heal the wounds
Together we shed tears
Cry even if your tears do not turn into the blood

August 4, 2014


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