Photo Essay – Basketball in Tibet: Homemade Hoops in the Fields

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated a profile of young Tibetan photographer Tashi Repum whose love of basketball has lead him to take pictures of homemade hoops in Ngaba, Amdo.

The post was originally published on WeChat by a channel called Qumi-spring on January 30, 2021. We first published this piece on our Instagram Stories, do follow us on Instagram if you aren’t already. Since then we have become aware of Tibetan basketball related accounts such as Tibetan Ballers and Norlha Basketball. In fact, the first quote in the story is from Louie Lazar who wrote about Norlha’s basketball team in The Atlantic in January 2019.

As the original post featured so many photographs, we have created a short video of the piece below, we hope you enjoy it! 

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