"My Phenomenal Tibet Journey" By Tenzin Choekyi

Available on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2Z1lvTM

Published in December 2018 by Author House, “My Phenomenal Tibet Journey” by London based 6 year old Tenzin Choekyi, is a children’s book about her journey to Tibet.
From the Author House website:

Tenzin Choekyi would like to share with you all the things she has seen in Tibet—the people, culture, and places she has visited.

Tenzin Choekyi is 6 years and 120 days old. She speaks Tibetan, English and some other languages. She loves a variety of activities such as singing, dancing and painting. She enjoys taking part in sports like gymnastics, swimming, ice skating, horse riding and so on. The most appealing to her is reading and she is a genius in mathematics. She is able to count in 8 different languages so far.

Here are some impressions from some of her events in South East London:

Tenzin Choekyi has also authored The Glitter Princess Rainbow Seed (April 2019).
“My Phenomenal Tibet Journey” is available on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2Z1lvTM

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