"My Friend is Innocent. Return Him!" More from Netizens on Detained Writer Shokjang

2015 04 09 Shokjang 2 Jagda Photo
Jagda (left) and Shokjang (right)

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated two more posts from social media related to the detention of Tibetan intellectual, writer and blogger Shokjang (aka Druklo), who was detained on March 19, 2015.
According to this report by Radio Free Asia, Shokjang is currently being held in a detention centre in Rebkong, Amdo although further details are unavailable.
Previously we translated “Remembering a Special Friend on a Special Day” by Shokjang’s close friend Tashi Rabten (aka Theurang). The following two posts have also been widely circulated on Weibo and WeChat and are by his friends and fellow writers Tashi Tsering (aka Jagda) and Dhonkho (aka Nyen).
Our thanks go to Palden Gyal for the translations from Tibetan to English.

“My Friend is Innocent. Return Him!”
By Jagda

My friend’s name is Druklo (‘brug lo), but he goes by his pen name Shokjang (zhogs ljang). He hails from Gengya (rgan gya). Five years ago he was detained for a period, and they again took him into custody. He was arrested on the morning of March 19, 2015.
It has been thirteen years since I have known him. Over the years of our friendship, we have developed a deep sense of mutual trust and loyalty. Most importantly, over the past years he has been an intellectual who diligently observes, examines and experiences the ordinary lives of people even in the face of obstacles and obstruction to his endeavors. As a result, he endured a great deal of hardship and adversity that he never deserved. Taking on the responsibility of public good as a writer, through thick and thin, his conviction has never faltered nor has his pen ever stopped.
Despite the occasional disapproval and criticism of his views, no such disparagements have ever stung him nor has he ever regretted. As a decisive point in his literary life, Shokjang turned away from poetry as a medium of expression and took on writing simple, powerful and plain prose to communicate his ideas and feelings. As he began to write on and expose real socio-cultural issues that needed much public discussion and deliberation, he offended many people, both Tibetans and others.
It must be noted that his insightful commentaries on freedom and democracy are his most important contributions to the public discourse on the subject. Shokjang is a forward-thinking individual who doesn’t harbour any sense of acrimony and antagonism towards other nationalities, but he is someone who preserves a rare kind of admiration and love for his people and culture.
Shokjang doesn’t seek or strive towards the ends of separatism, but he is someone whose devotion and commitment to truth and reality transcends all other concerns. Shokjang has never raised a flag of terror and violence. He does not belong to any group or organization, nor does he conceal any weapon of treachery and deception.
It is true that he owns a golden pen.
It is true that he embraces and embodies the virtues of truth, courage and justice.
You cannot hold him captive for these and put on a black hat of crime on his head.
Release my friend. Return him.
– Tashi Tsering (Jagda)
Written on the 20th day of his disappearance.

2015 04 09 Shokjang 1 Nyen copy
Screenshot of the post by Nyen


“Notice of Disappearance”
By Nyen

April 7, 2015
Twenty days ago my brother disappeared all of a sudden. His real name is Druklo (‘brug lo), and his pen name Shokjang (zhogs ljang). He is from Gengya (rgan gya). He is healthy, and all his faculties strong and vigorous. He is not only literate, but he is also perceptive and courageous. He knows how to care and be concerned about others. He has hair on his head and a pen in his hand. Whoever meets this person; please don’t forget to be concerned and attentive to him.

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  1. Its truly sad. I am left without words. I truly wish that he be released. Om mani padme hung. He will be remembered.

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