Music Video: "The Heroes" By Phuljung

2014 08 20 The Heroes Phuljung
High Peaks Pure Earth has translated another song by detained Amdo singer Phuljung called “The Heroes”. It appears that Phuljung is still detained since being arrested on August 3, 2012.
Early on in the Tibetan music video series, in December 2012, we translated the song “Kind Lama” by Phuljung. “The Heroes” is no less bold or political, it is a tribute to those who lost their lives in the 2008 uprising in Tibet. The video has been online since December 2009, so it precedes “Kind Lama”, and is unusually synth-heavy for a Tibetan song. For another song by Amchok Phuljung “We Have the Support” translated into English, visit the music video translations blog Call of the White Crane.
Other songs that have also commemorated 2008 include The Unforgettable Year 2008″ By Tamdin Tsering and “1958-2008″ by Tashi Dhondup.
This is the 56th Tibetan music video translated by High Peaks Pure Earth since the Wednesday music video series started towards the end of 2012. Please go back and watch our other videos using this link:
The music video series will resume on Wednesday, September 3, 2014.

Below are the subtitled music video and translated lyrics of “The Heroes”:

“The Heroes” By Phuljung from HPeaks on Vimeo


“The Heroes”
Lyrics: Amchok Phuljung
Music: Me Rinchen


From the north of the Land of Snows
In the year of 2008
Human lives were lost
May they be blessed with compassion
May they be blessed with compassion

For the sake of Tibetan dignity
Even precious human life
Sacrificed without a single regret
These are the clans of heroes
These are the clans of heroes

With unflinching dignity
Placing one’s life as a target
From the next life
Prayers without fear
Prayers without fear

Oh, Lamas and Jewels
Do not diminish your compassion
We, the humble Tibetans
Pray for the fulfilment of our wishes
Pray for the fulfilment of our wishes
Pray for the fulfilment of our wishes

[Translation by High Peaks Pure Earth]

For those unable to view the videos on Vimeo, there is also a High Peaks Pure Earth YouTube channel here with our music videos:

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