Music Video: "Land of Snows" By Dekyi Tsering

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated a song called “Land of Snows” by popular Tibetan singer and rapper Dekyi Tsering from Kham.
Dekyi Tsering has enjoyed fame and popularity amongst Tibetans for several years now, particularly after his 2011 rap song “Apa” (Father) gained him a lot of attention. Dekyi Tsering also performed “Let’s Go Together” live, which was our music video last Wednesday here on High Peaks Pure Earth.
“Land of Snows” came out towards the end of 2012 and is available online both inside and outside PRC. The lyrics have been written under the pseudonym of “Nagpo” which means black and the composer is Dubey. Dubey is a renowned and much loved singer/songwriter and composed Sherten’s anthem “The Sound of Unity”. He is affectionately known as the ‘Cuckoo of the Snowland’ – Gangjong Khuchuk – which illustrates how beautiful his voice and tunes are.
Below are the subtitled music video and translated lyrics of “Land of Snows” by Dekyi Tsering:

“Land of Snows” By Dekyi Tsering from HPeaks on Vimeo.


“Land of Snows” By Dekyi Tsering
Written by Nagpo
Melody by Dubey

As the body manifests in the sun
Blessings of the mental and physical states gathered
State of causality and positive and negative actions understood
Perfection of voice and sound accomplished

As the speech manifests in the moon
Love of lineage and spiritual community discovered
Sufferings of the three times and behavior overcome
Teachings of the Lama and [three] Jewels appreciated

Land of Snows, the beautiful lotus-footed snowland
Land of Snows, the beautiful lotus-footed snowland

When is the day that you and I can own
Where is the homeland that you and I can own
The sky is covered by dark cloud
The earth is captured by dust
There is no Kyiso nor any heroic manners
All flowers are stamped upon
Laughing at it. Pointing at it
Alas! Karma is upside down
Justice has failed the truth

Grasslands are split up and down to dig up the essential six hollow organs
Mountains are excavated from the top to the bottom to mine precious minerals
Turned them into blood red
Piled them up like skeletons
The natural state is lost in everything
Piled up countless years and your spirit is turned into the other
Piled up limitless money and your body and mind are bought by the other
Enemies are favoured like fathers
Friends are turned into enemies
Awareness is eroded

As the thought manifests in the stars
Auspiciousness of practice and understanding coincided
Mind of love and compassion become free
Doctrine of quality of benefit and virtue gained

Through virtuous actions of the Dharma
Enlightened attitude is gained through teachings and practices
Abiding happiness is granted through wisdom and fulfilment
Siddhis achievement is discovered through army and weapons

Land of Snows, the beautiful lotus-footed snowland
Land of Snows, the beautiful lotus-footed snowland

However, everything is frozen
And in every aspect there is no freedom
Sacred scriptures and heroes’ hands are lost
Wishful expectations and hopeful aspirations are lost
Brothers and sisters are lost
Even stepping forward is forgotten
The footsteps of forefathers have fallen into the fog
The essence of marks
Muzzle of wild yaks
The roar of snow lions
Can’t be heard as a result of the power of magical illusions
Move ahead, Move ahead
Move toward the footsteps of the forefathers
Alas! Even the stars in the sky are trapped in passing months and years
Even every single white hair is trapped in deceiving spears

We can bear every struggle
We can recall the memories
We can achieve all wishful aspirations soon
We have not lost the hope of our future
We have not lost the loyalty of our hearts
The heat of the collective fire can light up the dark space
The sound of stepping forwards can offer a torch to the heart
At the time, the joy and the light of life will spread all over
The songs of freedom will then spread to four directions
Kyi Kyi So So! Victory to the Gods!

[Translation by High Peaks Pure Earth]

For those unable to view the videos on Vimeo, there is also a High Peaks Pure Earth YouTube channel here with our music videos:

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