Music Video: "An Offering To You" By Tsewang Lhamo

2014 01 29 Tsewang Lhamo
Tsewang Lhamo

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated a new song called “An Offering To You”, by popular Tibetan female singer Tsewang Lhamo.
The song was performed live recently at the Amdo Losar (new year) concert and can be viewed on Chinese video-hosting sites such as Youku. The new year concert was named “The Black Tent of Emperors – A Journey into Tibet Concert” and the entire concert can be viewed on YouTube here.
This “Journey into Tibet Concert” takes place every year, the songs performed are in Tibetan and are typically in praise of Tibetan people and culture. As with the last song by Tsewang Lhamo translated by High Peaks Pure Earth titled “Steps of Snow” that went right back to Tibet’s creation myth, “An Offering To You” takes a similar direction emerging currently from Tibet, of redefining Tibet by tracing back to the era of Emperors. It was at this time that Tibet was categorised as three districts in the west, four ranges in the centre and six ridges in the east, regions that are evoked in each verse of the song.
Tsewang Lhamo’s song is openly offering prayers and expressing wishes to Yeshe Norbu, Tibetans often refer to the Dalai Lama using this name which means the wish-fulfilling jewel.
This is music video number 43 translated by High Peaks Pure Earth since the Wednesday music video series started towards the end of 2012. Do go back and watch our other videos using this link:
Below are the subtitled music video and translated lyrics of “An Offering To You”.

“An Offering To You” By Tsewang Lhamo from HPeaks on Vimeo.


“An Offering To You”
By Tsewang Lhamo
Lyrics: Min Woepo
Composed by Yonten Gompo


Yeshe Norbu
Yeshe Norbu

This pleasant song of devotion
From the three districts of western Tibet
This is a prayer sent to you
May we be blessed of your compassion
Yeshe Norbu

Yeshe Norbu
Yeshe Norbu

This distant call of profound love
From the four ranges of central Tibet
This is a tribute offered to you
May we see your face soon
Yeshe Norbu

Yeshe Norbu
Yeshe Norbu

This unchanging oath
From the six ridges of eastern Tibet
This is an offering to you
May your life be as indestructible as a rock
Yeshe Norbu

[Translation by High Peaks Pure Earth]

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  1. This is a tribute to you,
    what a beautiful prayer,
    a prayer for you and me
    a prayer for the whole world.
    Love you,love you,
    we all are friends,
    prayer for you,
    you and me.
    Thank you, and may you be happy!

  2. Simple lyrics with lots of meaning…. it made me emotional…

  3. Speechless. A real Pamo

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