Music Video: “Abundant Tears of Sadness” by Jampel

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated another song by Tibetan singer Jampel called “Abundant Tears of Sadness”. Last Wednesday’s music video, “Patriotic Martyrs” by Jampel, attracted media attention such as this write up in the Washington Post. China-watching websites also featured the music video, whereas China Digital Times reserved judgementShanghaiist called the music video “vile” and “cringeworthy”. With news just days ago coming out of Tibet of yet another self-immolation, this time by an 18 year old monk, the self-immolations look set to continue to provoke strong and emotional reactions.
“Abundant Tears of Sadness” first started appearing online last month, this YouTube link shows that it was uploaded on June 24, 2013. The song addresses a different issue in each verse, the first two on feelings of sadness and loss. The third verse refers to the self-immolations in Tibet and the “bribe of hush money” is a bribe offered to close family members of self-immolators by the authorities. It has been reported that the money is offered in exchange for the family member to publicly state that the self-immolator decided to self-immolate for personal reasons rather than political – such bribes have been refused. The final verse emphasises the importance of maintaining unity amongst Tibetans.
This is the twenty ninth music video posted by High Peaks Pure Earth since the music video series started in November 2012. Below are the subtitled music video and translated lyrics of “Abundant Tears of Sadness” by Jampel. Be sure to go back and watch our other videos in the series using this link: And do come back next Wednesday for another music video from Tibet.

“Abundant Tears of Sadness” By Jampel from HPeaks on Vimeo.

“Abundant Tears of Sadness”
Lyrics: Drup Sonam Tsering
Composer and Singer: Jampel


His Holiness is exiled in a foreign land
Tsang Panchen* is kept in the darkness
I am an orphan trapped under the Chinese
Where else does such sadness exist!
Where else does such sadness exist!

Although the golden roof of the Potala can be seen
The flag of snow lions is not there to be seen
Although the golden throne can be seen
The divine lama’s face is not there to be seen
The divine lama’s face is not there to be seen

Even a burning life is captured by the enemy
Genuine loyalty will never be changed
Even though the bribe of hush money is offered
Our brethren will never be bought
Our brethren will never be bought

If the chain of unity is not broken
If the love of family blood is not forgotten
Freedom from the dark suffering will appear
A happy day of sunshine will emerge one day
A happy day of sunshine will emerge one day

* Tsang Panchen makes a reference to the disappeared Panchen Lama as he was born in the Tsang area of Tibet and it is in this area that the Panchen Lama traditionally holds his seat.
[Translation by High Peaks Pure Earth]
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  1. Thank you High Peaks Pure Earth for doing such a wonderful and good deed job. I hope you continue doing the good deed and translate more songs. These singers put their lives at stake and we must know their pain and sufferings but, most Tibetans don’t understand the song. Thats why, Good people like you guys come in and help out!.

  2. High Peaks Pure Earth

    Thank you! We will definitely keep translating significant songs from Tibet.

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