"Himalayan Passages: Tibetan and Newar Studies in Honor of Hubert Decleer" Eds. Benjamin Bogin and Andrew Quintman

2014 12 Himalayan Passages
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Published in September 2014 by Wisdom, “Himalayan Passages: Tibetan and Newar Studies in Honor of Hubert Decleer”, edited by Benjamin Bogin and Andrew Quintman, is a volume dedicated to Hubert Decleer who introduced Tibetan culture in India, Nepal, and China to hundreds of American undergraduates spending a semester abroad, many of whom continued to become prominent scholars in the field.
From the Wisdom website:

This new research on the religion and culture of the Himalayan Buddhist world spans a broad range of subjects, periods, and approaches, and the diversity and strength of the contributions ensuresHimalayan Passages be warmly welcomed by scholars, travelers, and Tibetan Buddhists alike.
Highlights include:

  • Donald S. Lopez, Jr. tells the story of Gendun Chopel’s unusual visit to Sri Lanka in 1941.
  • Leonard van der Kuijp examines the Bodhicittavivarana, an ancient work on the enlightened resolve to free all beings.
  • Kabir Mansingh Heimsath compares Western and Chinese curatorial approaches to Tibetan modern art.
  • Alexander von Rospatt illuminates the fascinating history and artistic details of the famous Svayambhu stupa in Kathmandu.
  • Sarah H. Jacoby translates the short autobiography of Sera Khandro, the celebrated female Tibetan mystic of a century ago.
  • Additional contributors include Franz-Karl Ehrhard, Ernst Steinkellner, Jacob P. Dalton, Iain Sinclair, Anne Vergati, Punya Prasad Parajuli, and Dominique Townsend.

Buy the book on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1tJIzPx

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