High Peaks Pure Earth Summer 2013 Reading List

2013 07 02 Summer Reading List
Click through to see the full reading list: http://highpeakspureearth.com/category/reading-list/

It’s that time of year again! Twice a year, every winter and summer, High Peaks Pure Earth updates the Tibet Reading List, helping you to fill those long summer days on the beach, in parks, in cafes, in the library or on the move. We couldn’t possibly put the list together alone, thank you to various readers who have been in touch via Twitter or email with reading recommendations.

We’ve added the following eleven books to the existing list:

Click through the links to see short descriptions of the books or see them all together on our Amazon page: http://bit.ly/12kh3LG
As always, we encourage readers who have read any of these books to leave a comment or submit a short review… if you do have any of your own recommendations, please let us know!

To see the reading list in full, please visit the permanent link on our site: http://highpeakspureearth.com/category/reading-list/


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