High Peaks Pure Earth Summer 2012 Reading List

Now that the summer is upon us, the time has come once again to update our reading list on books related to all aspects of Tibet!
This time, we have added five books to the existing list, some are new and some are available for the first time for the Kindle. Here are the new additions to the list:

As always, we encourage readers who have read any of these books to leave a comment or submit a short review… if you have any of your own recommendations, please let us know!

To see the reading list in full, please visit the permanent link on our site: http://highpeakspureearth.com/category/reading-list/


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  1. I’ve got Hackett’s up there on my shelf, slated to be read this summer (have already read the Veenhof), but I also plan to read Michael J. Sweet’s translation of Desideri: Mission to Tibet. It may seem odd that a book by (and about) a Christian missionary, and heavy on the “idolatry” polemics, would be published by a Buddhist publisher, Wisdom, but, well that’s part of the attraction of it. It’s a little large to balance on your knees at the beach, so I plan to do it at home with the air-conditioner blasting. If I get some time left over I’ll read straight through One Hundred Thousand Moons… Well… it may take that many moons to succeed at it. Actually, I’ll probably keep on doing what I have been, flipping it open at random pages and reading for awhile.

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