Citizen Journalism from Rebkong

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated two short blogposts from Rebkong in Amdo that were written yesterday and today.

Posted on 7th March 2009
Yesterday and Today’s Rebkong

On 7th March 2009 while the people of Rebkong were gathering to perform according to the annual ritual of burning incense to the local deities, Chinese soldiers surrounded the monastery and watched over the scene from the peak of the mountain. What was the government of China thinking? They were anxiously thinking there would be a protest. All the people who work for the local administration had to sign a paper with fingerprints that said that they would not burn incense and pray. The annual worship of the mountain deities and religious activities have also been forbidden in other villages of the region. What do you think when you hear this news my friends?

Posted on 8th March 2009
Feeling of Deep Fear!

Suddenly, disturbing feelings of sadness entered into my doorway. I went outside to discard this foreboding feeling. The whole region of Rebkong was surrounded by the sounds of darkness as well as the dark military forces. In my mind came the old times when we lived in courage and happiness. I felt my stomach freezing. Will there be any space left for us if we do not wake up now?

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