Chinese Spoken Here!

Although there is a vibrant Tibetan language publishing industry, there is still considerable pressure for Tibetans to learn and speak Chinese. Here are some pictures of banners hanging on the school gates of Lhasa.

1) I am a child of China, I like to speak Mandarin

2) Establish the Consciousness of Standard Language and
Raise the Consciousness of National Culture

3) Mandarin is the Language of our School

The 3rd picture says spyid skad (meaning common language) in Tibetan. In Chinese it says putonghua which means Mandarin.

The last word, however, goes to a student from Tibet who has this on her blog:

Language is a nationality’s source of honour
Language is a nationality’s precious jewel of knowledge
Language is a nationality’s treasure house of knowledge
Language is a nationality’s radiant ambrosia

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