An Address from the Tibetan "Obama"

High Peaks Pure Earth has discovered that a Tibetan has started a blog under the name of “Obama” and writes blogposts addressed to Tibetan readers (photo of the blog below). The blog is hosted on, founded in 2003 by brothers Wangchuk Tseten (dBang phyug tshe brtan) and Tsewang Norbu (Tshe dbang nor bu) from Lanzhou, in Gansu Province. The website is one of the most popular Chinese language sites for Tibetans and gets nearly 300, 000 hits every month.

So, just in time for the inaugural celebrations, High Peaks Pure Earth hereby presents…

An Address from the Tibetan “Obama

Dear friends of the “Tibet Network”,

How are you? Tashi Delek! I am very glad that today “my” blog is registered on your network, and in the future we can exchange opinions through our blogs. As for me, I am going to move into the White House soon and in the next few years “I” will be the new host of the White House. Tibetan friends should feel free to tell me if you have anything to discuss. In fact, what I really want to tell you today are the following remarks. If any friends are interested in learning more, you can read them. Tibetan friends, it is high time to remind you why you like to place all your hopes entirely on a certain country or a certain individual. Look, under the present repressive circumstances, there are still many Tibetan friends who are in the mood to visit Nangma performance clubs, bars, brothels and casinos, where they ruined their youth, wasted their money, their virtue and conscience. I can not understand why they are doing so! I can not understand at all! If you continue to do so, then there is no hope for your glorious Tibetan nationality.

Tibetans, please wake up. You should not place your hope on other but put the hope of changing one’s fate into one’s own hands. One should gossip less and do more actual things. During my tenure as the President, what “I” can do is to present an award to your spiritual leader, and use the “Tibet Issue” as a “bargaining chip” when we have some clashes with China.

I am not telling you all this because I am drunk but I am telling you whole-heartedly that this is the reality and there is no way out. Do not be fast asleep any more but make more efforts to learn the history of black people in the United States. “My” ancestors once also lived worse than beasts of burden under the oppression of the white American government, but it is because generations and generations of the black predecessors were not afraid of hardships, struggled for their welfare many times, worked very hard again and again, and had their children study hard over and over again. Thus, all these efforts have created a black President in the present-day American political circle, scholars, professors and scientists in the literary, scientific and technological circles as well as numerous stars in the sports and entertainment circles. Black people dominate nearly half of the present-day American high society. By the way, what I want to mention here is that once the treatment of the Han Chinese in the West was, more or less, similar to that of dogs. One would find warning signs everywhere on which the phrase “dogs and Chinese are not allowed to enter” was written. But the Chinese are also slowly entering into the high societies of the West. Why? Because the Chinese have been studying hard and are capable, so the high societies in the West have no choice but to welcome them!

I appeal to the Tibetans not to find excuses again but to go into action and start to do real things. In particular, the elders should try their best to create the best learning environment and opportunities for their children. They should do all they can to let the descendants of Tibet enter into high society in China impressively, and even welcome them to enter into high societies in the world. Unless miracles occur in China, it’s certainly impossible for any Tibetans to enter the high society of the political circle. Some Tibetans are able to enter high society but they will be nothing but avaricious officials, cowards and puppets. So we should try to enter other walks of life through our own capabilities. I am sure you’ll be great by then as it won’t be easy for them to suppress or strike against you.

Seriously perform real deeds. I sincerely hope to see a few more Tibetans and hear the voices of a few more Tibetans in various international activities of the high societies of the world in the future, not just one person alone.

I am going to stop here today. “I” still need to prepare my inauguration speech. I welcome all of you to visit my blog in the future.

Peace, take care and work hard,


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