All Quiet on the Tibetan Blog Front

High Peaks Pure Earth is being forced to take a holiday! A notice suddenly appeared on 5th March 2009 on the most popular Tibetan language blog hosting site saying that blogs and online forums were being closed for ‘maintenance’ and that this would last around a week.

So it means that we at High Peaks Pure Earth can put our feet up and not worry about finding interesting blogs to translate over the next few days. This has been most unexpected. Actually, we had been looking forward to bringing our keen readers the view from Tibetans inside Tibet and China in the run up to March 10th. Having realised it would be a sensitive time, we hadn’t quite thought that blogs and forums would simply be closed down for the period, it really is such a coincidence.

Interestingly, a few days ago, when we tried to access the site we got a Google virus warning on Google provided a detailed analysis of the site and the viruses that were loaded on the site – let’s see what changes or improvements await when the site comes back to life next week!

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated the notice that comes up when you try to access the blog and online forum pages of

Screenshot of the ‘Maintenance’ Notice

Respected broad masses of netizens.

Hello everyone!

Tibetan Culture Net will be closed for high-level maintenance starting from two o’clock on the afternoon of March 5, with maintenance lasting around one week. Maintenance is to be carried out in stages, with Blog Tibet and Tibetan Culture Community are closed now (March 5) for maintenance, and the main Tibetan Culture Net site will be closed the following day for maintenance.

There will be no way of accessing Tibetan Culture Net during the period of maintenance. We ask for the broad masses of netizens’ understanding, and deeply thank everyone for their continued support for Tibetan Culture Net.

We wish everyone a happy life, good health, pleasure in work, and Tashi Delek!

Tibetan Culture Net, March 5, 2009.

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  1. The Chinese government has gone one step further to portray its dominance over Tibet by cutting down the net and all modes of electronic communication. Tibet has become a huge prison. Share your views with us at .

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