"A Home in Tibet" By Tsering Wangmo Dhompa

Published by Penguin Books India on September 20, 2013, “A Home in Tibet” is the first-full length book from US based Tibetan female poet Tsering Wangmo Dhompa and based on her life.
From the publisher’s website:

When her mother dies in a car accident along a great highway in India, far from her country and her family, Tsering decides to take a handful of her ashes to Tibet. She arrives at the foothills of her mother’s ancestral home in a nomadic village in East Tibet to realize that she had been preparing for this homecoming all her life. Everything is familiar to her, especially the flowers of the Tibetan summer. She understands then the gift her mother had bequeathed her: the love of a land.
A Home in Tibet is a daughter’s haunting tribute to a mother and a homeland. A story about the love between a mother and a daughter who only had each other as family and refuge, it gestures to the journeys made by those exiled from their lands, and the dreams of daughters.

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Read more about “A Home in Tibet” and buy the book from the Penguin India website:

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  1. Beautiful. Thank you so much for this tremendous offering!

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