“9 Months in Tibet” By Rupert Wolfe-Murray

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Published in August 2016 by Scotland Street Press, “9 Months in Tibet” by Rupert Wolfe-Murray is a book of travel writing documenting his time in Tibet as a solo traveller in 1986. 
9 Months in Tibet is about overcoming the fear of travelling alone, getting a job in Lhasa, riding a horse through Eastern Tibet, falling in love with Italian women, witnessing a violent protest between Buddhist monks and the Chinese police and getting expelled from the country for not helping the police with their enquiries.
From the foreword by Alexander McCall Smith:

“This is a fascinating and thoroughly engrossing tale of a strange time spent in a strange place. Like the best travel writing, it conveys just what it must have been like to have the adventure of a lifetime. We are there with Mr. Wolfe Murray, experiencing his discomfort and anxiety, but sharing, too, his insights.”

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